The mayor of New York City believes in the “special energy” of crystals

In office since Janah January 2022, New York’s new mayor, Eric Adams, has been sparking curiosity for several weeks after he said the city is sitting on a bed of rare crystals and stones that give it its special atmosphere.

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Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne
The press

“There’s a special energy emanating from here,” Mayor Adams said of the stones in a detailed profile the Politico website dedicated to him in March. A comment that appears in publications such as The guard, The New York Post and The Daily Mail.

In his report, Politico also notes that the mayor wears a bracelet of brightly colored energy stones on his right wrist, has a meditation routine, has written a book on the benefits of a plant-based diet that would have reversed his type 2 diabetes, and reads books by Dright Joe Dispenza, a very popular neuroscientist who is divided in the scientific community.

Whether we’re convinced of their energetic powers or not, one thing is certain: the city of New York is indeed built on a geological bed composed of more than a hundred types of minerals, crystal expert Andrew Pacholyk pointed out daily The guard.

What is known as the “Manhattan Shale” is believed to have formed about 450 million years ago as a result of continental collisions.

An article published on June 7, 2002 in the New York Times came to the same conclusion. “The foundation of the city is a treasure trove of minerals, crystals and precious stones,” wrote this text with the very sympathetic title: “Scratch Manhattan and you will discover a great jewelry box. »

During various underground works, such as during the construction of the subway, the most diverse minerals were found: aquamarine, quartz, golden beryl, topaz, black tourmaline, garnet, fluorite, uraninite and others.

For and against

The popularity of crystals is beyond doubt. Evidence of this is the fans among the stars (Adele, Gwyneth Paltrow, Spencer Pratt) and the number of specialty stores that sell them.

In the Montreal area, Rafael Hul owns a few boutiques of the international brand Crystal Dreams.


A staff member at the Crystal Dreams boutique on Rue Saint-Denis holds quartz crystals and a labradorite.

“Everything in nature has vibrations,” Mr. Hul argues. Crystals that are millions or even billions of years old have stayed in the earth for very long, accumulating energy that allows us to better connect with nature and ourselves. Take quartz, which amplifies radio signals. Crystals can also be thought of as power amplifiers. »

Michel Belley, president of the Skeptics of Quebec organization, believes this belief is wind-based.

“As a (retired) skeptic and chemist by trade, I attest that crystals have no ‘energetic’ or regenerative properties,” he tells us. Those found under New York City most likely have no measurable impact on the people and the city. These beliefs are nonsense! »

If crystals have powers, they are those studied by science and those owed to human wonder and imagination.

Michel Belley, President of the Quebec Defiants

Mr. Belley recalls that in 1995 his organization presented the ‘Septic Tank’ award to the Laval University School of Nursing for a program on the chakras, therapeutic touch, healing through sound and crystals.

Rafael Hul says he respects skeptics. “You can’t believe everything you hear. I say to people: be skeptical, do your own research and see if it works for you or not. I studied electrical engineering and was very skeptical until I discovered the energy present in quartz. »

Popularity leaves a lot to be desired

Mayor Adams was elected on part of a promise to reduce violence in the city. He has spoken about much stricter gun control many times since his election.

But the gems on his wrist don’t help him much. Its popularity rating is bad. A poll commissioned by Spectrum News / NY1 in early June is unequivocal: 64% of respondents rate the mayor’s performance as average or poor, while only 29% rate it as good or excellent.

What be miserable like the stones.

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