The federal government is not Disney

Have you tried contacting Disney customer service lately?

Imagine the thousands of tiny lights enlivening the switchboard circuitry. After two years of the pandemic, imagine the number of parents around the world who finally have to make good on the often-delayed promise of going to Disney!

A mess ? no Wait 15 minutes at most to get a friendly representative who can trace tickets purchased in February 2020 and lost in the global giant’s cloud computing.

parents relieved. Finally the big dream comes true!

Uh, no… The passports are missing, ordered at the beginning of April, still not arrived. And even if mom were to camp at Complexe Guy-Favreau for 24 hours, we might miss our plane!

The federal government is not Disney.

Not only is there no Prince Charming or Tinkerbell, it seems increasingly evident that he lacks even a modicum of competence when it comes to the essentials.

Somewhere else

Much has been said about the “elsewhere” of Quebecers; I found the Trudeau government! He is “at rest”.

Because Ottawa loves to mingle. equality, exclusion. Especially the provinces.

Outraged by the law 21. Establish a nationwide network of day care centers, dental insurance. Get involved in long-term care. Consider an EA for the third link. Threat to get involved in caribou conservation.

When it comes to meddling with the rest in areas of provincial jurisdiction, the Trudeau administration is always responsive.

This “remnant” is the grand vision of a progressive, inclusive, post-national Canada. A Canada of tomorrow, “elsewhere” from the banalities of today’s life.


For the here and now, it is clear that we have entered a major stalemate.

After all, what are the federal government’s most fundamental tasks, its exclusive responsibilities? Passports, airports, foreign policy, national defense.

Regarding the passports, the minister does not know when we can expect a return to normal. Maybe Goofy was put in charge of planning because of the labor shortage?

Little thinning at airports in sight. The transport minister warned that the suspension of the health passport would not solve the logistical problems.

Mélanie Joly is still mired in her half-truths after her office allowed a senior official to drink champagne at the Russian embassy. Maybe she should blame her evil godmother Hex.

As for national defense. It looks like Sleeping Beauty Castle sleeping in a bramble forest, guarded by the dragon of 1960s machismo.

If we were in a Disney movie, would Prince Charming or the brave Mulan break the government out of its stalemate.

It is high time this government woke up and realized that governance is not a fairy tale.

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