The CH had no talks to exchange the first choice

The Canadian hasn’t fallen on the good year to be the top pick overall, according to multiple analysts. Why? Simply because there are no exceptional players. That’s not to say there aren’t good players, just that there aren’t Connor McDavids or Auston Matthews.

Following that logic, some have questioned whether that’s why the Canadian should listen to offers to vote. Trouble is, this year’s draft is in Montreal, and I’d be very surprised if the Habs spit on a chance to pick first place in their own amphitheater.

And today we learn from the mouth of Kent Hughes himself that the CH have still not held talks with any other team about a possible exchange including the first choice.

Kent Hughes also says even he isn’t convinced for now who the Canadian’s choice will be.

Well… We agree it’s worth what it’s worth. Could Hughes just be trying to up the ante by saying he has no talks for the election? Maybe. And I am convinced that if we make him an incredible offer, he will be willing to listen.

But it will easily take the moon.

Because whoever from Juraj Slafkovsky, Shane Wright or Logan Cooley the Canadiens choose in July, he will immediately become one of the three most talented players in the organization along with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

For several years, Montreal has been said to lack raw talent and offense. In addition, everyone knows that the Canadian does not want to be competitive next year. It will take a few more years. First pick this year and another top 5 pick next year: what more could you ask for?



– Totally agree.

– Bad news.

– Interesting.

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