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A true Quebec institution in the toddler fashion industry, Clément is gaining ground with the upcoming opening of a new 60,000 square foot location in Quebec City. According to the company, which plans to sell baby formula soon, it will be “the largest store” for children’s clothing, shoes and accessories in the province.

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Nathaelle Morissette

Nathaelle Morissette
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“We will have several product lines under one roof,” explains Jean-Philippe Clément, general manager of the Clément boutiques, over the phone. We’ve had a lot of shoes for a few years, we have a growing maternity department, we have books, and we even plan to have grocery products. »

“Spaces are limited in malls,” he adds. We cannot accommodate all product categories. »

The new site, named Signé Clément, is ready to welcome customers in July and offer around 10,000 products. “It allows us to test products on the internet and in this store. »

The retailer will move its headquarters there, currently not far away, to Pierre-Bertrand-Boulevard. “I’ve been in the same office for 20 years,” says the man, who says he regularly works “on the floor.” “I don’t want to brag, it’s not the most beautiful office in the world. The goal is not a luxurious office, but interesting spaces for the loyalty of our employees. Another part of the building is used as a warehouse.

At this time, the retailer has no plans to open another major Signé Clément store in the greater Montreal area.

food offer

In addition, the company, which has 30 stores in Quebec, has greatly diversified its offer over the years. In addition to children’s clothing and shoes, books have recently appeared in stores. Soon Clément even wants to sell baby food.

“We are already there. The new shop would make it possible to test these products. Compotes and muesli in particular could be offered.

Referring to the greater variety of products, Mr. Clément said he quickly realized that the lack of certain items in store that complemented their range meant that consumers had to go to other retailers. “People were asking us if we had washable diapers, body creams… and we sent them elsewhere. We’ve been selling breast pumps for years, but not nursing clothes. It’s okay to have both. »

Clement shortly

  • Foundation: 1939
  • The company is now run by the fourth generation of the Clément family
  • Number of stores: 30
  • Number of employees: 500
  • Headquarters: Quebec

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