Red carpet for a Putin apologist

Will understand who can. In Ottawa, an official is invited to a party at the Russian embassy and everyone is shouting bad. Meanwhile, a film festival in Quebec City invites one of Vladimir Putin’s greatest apologists… and everyone thinks it’s great!

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The Quebec City Film Festival (FCVQ) has rolled out the red carpet for director Oliver Stone, who has been criticized for conducting a series of smug interviews with Vladimir Poutine not too long ago. FCVQ is proud of this great visit from Hollywood at a time when the Kremlin lord is waging a bloody war in Ukraine.

Let’s put it this way: We’ve seen better timed coordination.

This Wednesday evening, the public is invited to hear the American director speak with former journalist Jean-François Lépine at Le Diamant, a “flagship event that will make the stars shine in the eyes of all moviegoers at the Capitale-Nationale”. , promises the FCVQ. Admission price: from $67 to $96.

I think it’s expensive to hear this notorious conspirator say that the Ukrainians wanted him, that NATO provoked Putin, and that Russia had to defend itself.

It is expensive to hear Oliver Stone say that Vladimir Putin is a “rational, calm” man who has always acted “in the best interests of the Russian people,” as the director reiterated in Barcelona at the end of April.

In passing, if the audience is lucky, they’ll hear the famous director’s note, the air of nothingness, that an impressive number of Ukrainians fought for Hitler during World War II…

A piece of advice to Quebec City moviegoers: as long as you’re paying that price to be served pro-Kremlin propaganda, go straight to the four hours of The Putin Interviews made by Stone in 2017. It’s free on YouTube.

FCVQ director Martin Genois served up the usual argument on Monday Sun : work must be separated from man. “We invite the director. That is what interests us most. We are a cinema event. »

Martin Genois, however, told Radio-Canada on April 20: “We are interested in talking about cinema, but also about people. Beyond the film, we want to find out what drives it, what drives it. »

Should connect: Did we invite the director or the human?

The director made great films. Without doubt. train, Wall Street, Born on July 4th, The doors…

But Oliver Stone hasn’t done these kinds of films in ages. He devoted himself to documentaries – and specialized in admiring portraits of autocrats of all kinds, including Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez.

One of his most recent contributions to cinema is an eight (!) part interview series with Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is proud of having imposed an “enlightened dictatorship” on the people of Kazakhstan for 29 long years.

In 2016, Oliver Stone also took part Ukraine is burning, very popular propaganda film in Russia according to which the CIA orchestrated the 2014 Ukrainian revolution…

Given all this, how can we believe in the veracity of the “documentary” about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that the 75-year-old director was presenting in Quebec?

JFK Revisited – Through the Looking Glass warms up a flimsy plot. The film claims yes, yes, the Democratic President was assassinated by the CIA, aided by the US military-industrial complex. “Conspiracy theories are now conspiracy facts,” jokes Stone in the trailer.

Funny, I wouldn’t bet my shirt on that.

If millions of Americans are now convinced that the CIA eliminated JFK, it is primarily because of a major KGB disinformation operation, historian Tim Weiner points out in the magazine Rolling Stone.

But it’s also in large part due to one of the worst revisionist films in cinema history: JFK… by Oliver Stone (1991).


“I’m not in favor of refusing interviews with people because they did X or Y,” Jean-François Lépine defended himself Sun. Oliver Stone, he added, is a “victim of the tide woke up “.

No one asks Mr Lépine to cancel his interview. But you have to tell it like it is: Tonight he will face a personality who has made his living by spreading unproven conspiracy theories and horribly toxic lies for decades.

A personality who does not hesitate to use all his influence to try to rehabilitate dictators, including Vladimir Putin. All this while Russian soldiers are bombing cities and massacring civilians in Ukraine.

So yes, in context, there may be something naughty about this “flagship event”.

And the current woke up will have nothing to do with it.

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