Prostitutes, the key to the sex industry

From June 16, the Canadian Grand Prix celebrations will take place in Montreal. International DJs, VIP parties, stars, alcohol, weedCola and of course the icing on the cake sundaethe prostitutes

There will be something for everyone. Montreal is known to be a brothel where you can order a woman or man like you would order a pizza, with or without cheese.

Whatever the F1 promoter says, his event is steeped in prostitution and his inaction does nothing to improve the grand prix’s image. We see pimps working hard to recruit young girls on social media and in the field. Miners remain the catch of choice, the Angus Triple A. Are you shocked? However, both pimps and prostitutes (also called customers) regard them as commodities.

No more “customer” operations during F1

Expect an increase in demand and indeed supply during the Grand Prix. A lot of money is being brewed this weekend on the backs of these people locked in this sex industry. You will always have a minority that will try to make you believe that they like sex and money, but in the end they will come out shattered.

What was my surprise when I heard that the commander in charge of the department of sexual exploitation and morality of the SPVM said that there will be no more police operations against prostitutes during Formula 1. It’s like a fisherman who refuses to take his net when he sees a huge school of fish. We should therefore not be surprised at the disappointing results in terms of arrests and convictions of prostitution “clients”.

Meanwhile, the Police Service of the Longueuil Agglomeration (SPAL) is launching a pilot project aimed at prostitutes arrested by their service. They have a choice of legalizing their case or entering a sexual exploitation awareness program. However, this option is not offered to prostitutes of minors. If we want, we can!

Take the bull by the horns

Sex work advocates like to say that current law criminalizing the acquisition of sex services is not working. According to her, the evidence is the few prostitutes who have been arrested and convicted. To be honest, the problem is not the law, but its application and, above all, this internalization of clientelism in our society. Let’s stop calling them “clients” already!

Why not act strong during F1? As part of the advertising campaign to ban the purchase of sexual services, the SPVM is said to carry out a raid on prostitutes during F1. This is an opportunity to send a powerful message. Otherwise, what’s the point of bringing the marmots and raccoons from the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit to the Île Sainte-Hélène?

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