Oops, Qualcomm forgets to upgrade their phone at 1500 euros

Qualcomm hasn’t updated its Snapdragon Insiders phone for 6 months. A bug that should be fixed very soon.

The Snapdragon Insiders smartphone // Source: Qualcomm

The new fad of smartphone brands is to create one “fan base” around their brand, offer them some benefits like an invitation to a press trip or some free products.

Qualcomm, best known for its chips like the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, has decided to attack this new Eldorado from the other side by offering fans hardcore of its chips (yes, it seems) a Snapdragon Insiders smartphone. This is over-equipped and costs the modest sum of 1500 dollars.

The problem is that Qualcomm, which attaches great importance to the quality of the software monitoring of its smartphone chips, seems to have forgotten to update its own phone. It looks bad.

6 months nothing

The last update was, brace yourself, March 2022, according to a user report on Reddit, aided by other unfortunate buyers. In addition, this last update affected the January 2022 security patch. Therefore, if we do the accounts, the phone is six months behind its updates.

We’re therefore a long way from the four years of regular security updates promised when the phone was released in one tweet published in July 2021.

We should also add that the phone is yet to feature Android 12, where even entry-level smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A13 are starting to get the latest version of Google’s operating system.

Some will no doubt refute that this is not a product for the general public but for some enthusiasts. True, there are no accidents at work. But coming from the most prominent chip designer in the high-end segment (the vast majority of phones over £800 come with Snapdragon), at least we’ll say it looks bad. Any conventional manufacturer would have been burned for such practice on a device at this price point.

as a point 9to5GoogleAsus is also to blame as the phone is one of their creation. XDA also received a response from Qualcomm promising a new update starting June 20th. The San Diego company then expects an update every two to three months.

Qualcomm presents its reference smartphone developed with Asus

Qualcomm and Asus have jointly developed a particularly high-quality smartphone that is intended to serve as a benchmark for smartphones under Snapdragon.
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