Mulroney no longer recognizes himself in the current CCP

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, touring through Quebec, said he no longer recognized himself in Canada’s current Conservative Party during the unveiling of a major Laval University project aimed at paying homage to him.

“I know that my friend Jean Charest is doing very well. There are very good candidates and by no means everyone has been won. It’s a strange way of choosing a leader,” said the statesman, who ruled the country from 1984 to 1993.

Mr Mulroney admitted he did not identify with this political formation.

” Not really. I mentioned some of my achievements. It won’t be possible with this party. But there are good people who want change,” he added cautiously and philosophically.


In 2003, the former Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance merged to form the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Rene Levesque Affair

The 83-year-old “little guy from Baie-Comeau” also admits he didn’t pay much attention to the controversy surrounding René Lévesque’s 100th birthday.

“I regret any comments that may have marred the famous memory of René Lévesque. He was the greatest Democrat I have known in my life. »


A pavilion in his name

The ceremony honoring Mr. Mulroney was crowned with success on Tuesday at the Université Laval.

A silent audience heard not a word of his 20-minute speech, in which he reminisced about the Reagan, Thatcher and Clinton.

The Quebec government has confirmed its contribution to the international Carrefour project with an investment of $27.75 million.

This project involves the construction of a new pavilion that will bear his name. Construction of the building will start in 2025.

Brian Mulroney is a graduate of Laval University Law School.


“If we have a similar project today, it’s largely thanks to the leadership of Sophie D’Amours who never gave up,” said Mr. Mulroney, going as far as describing the choice as a “historic decision.”

In March 2018, the rector apologized to the former prime minister days after teachers voted against a project bearing his name.

The political scene


With this new Carrefour, those in charge want more French-speaking Quebecers to play a major role on the international political stage and in prestigious positions around the world.

“I’m tempted to do one come back ! laughed Mr. Mulroney.

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