Message on cigarettes: a real difference?

For example, by 2023, Canada will be the only country to require an anti-tobacco message to be printed on every cigarette.

Yes indeed !

Poison in every puff is written on every cigarette legally sold in Canada.

It will no longer be enough for the tobacco companies to show pictures of disgusting gums covered with pustules, cancerous tumors or dying women on their packaging, no.

They have to put a message on every cigarette that comes out of their factories.


“This is a warning you cannot ignore. It will reach every smoker, every puff,” said Rob Cunningham, Senior Policy Analyst at the Canadian Cancer Society.

“The public education generated by these messages is immense,” said Flory Doucas of the Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control.

For real ?

Do you seriously think that a smoker who has just opened a packet depicting a man with a third sized pipe sticking out of his throat is going to throw his Peter Jackson King Size down the drain because he has a fine print saw the message? on his cigarette?


The mystery of faith is great.

If so, why not print anti-cholesterol messages on all fries you buy in a restaurant in Germany? Fast food ?

Or on each chip?

Soon we order brunch at the restaurant on a Saturday morning and see a message on our slice of bread, another on our slice of bacon, and two messages on our eggs.

Then we’ll come home, we’ll turn on the television and we’ll be told that “the episode of The Little Life They’re about to look at outdated cultural representations.”

No not true !

It was filmed in 1995 and people didn’t think like today?

So hello

I never thought!

I can’t wait to see warnings about the resumption of The Ribouldingue.

“Children are strongly discouraged from eating chocolate potatoes. »


If in 2022 there is still someone who believes that tobacco is good for health, please bring that person to me, I want to dissect them and analyze their brains.

She’s probably from another galaxy.

No more being able to open a book or watch a movie without being warned that such and such might offend us.

Even in the theater there is now a warning about the plays!

After the never-ending chorus on “Unceded Territories”.

If this continues, we will write on the condoms: “Having a sexual relationship with someone you love is so much better!” »

I understand that having a healthy mind in a healthy body is good, but don’t overdo it.

It is a misunderstanding of the addictive phenomenon to believe that a message printed on a cigarette can persuade a smoker to quit smoking.

People with lung cancer smoke!

People who saw a loved one die of lung cancer are smoking!

Do you think it will make a difference?

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