I checked out the French version of Les Chefs and realized that a few things are wrong

There’s an old biblical saying that you shouldn’t do to others what you don’t like doing to yourself.

That’s why I chose the exact opposite: I watched the French show top chef with the firm intention of boldly emphasizing all the little touches that make it a typically French program from France.


A French columnist pokes fun at the Quebec version of Les Chefs, and suddenly the public reacts

First of all I wanted to do it right by going to the M6 ​​channel streaming platform where I created an account to finally find out that the show I wanted to watch wasn’t available in my country.


Not seriously! I went to another site whose name starts with Y (no, it’s not YouPorn) and easily found what I was looking for.


So I started watching the latest episode of top chefwhich is a semi-final of the current season.

First, first observation, it lasts two hours. Calvince, that’s long! Very french.

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From the first 30 seconds of the show, the phrases “C’est che-lou!” and “Phew stuff!” have already been heard. It sets the tone…

They are each repeated once in the next 60 seconds.

Then I noticed that the French chefs had a large triangular table, which reminded me a lot Squid Gamebut since it is not a text about the differences between South Korea and France, let’s leave that aside.

When the candidate Arnaud announces that he wants to propose a challenge reminiscent of his Belgian origins, his colleague Louise explains: “Arnaud talks about Belgian gastronomy. There will definitely be fries. And then, I don’t know, it could be a Flemish carbonade, it could… As far as I know, there aren’t a billion things in Belgian gastronomy”. Prejudices are not only persistent against Quebecers!

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What happens then is culinary competition as we know it. The cooks get the groceries they need and they rush to get their business done before the time is up.

Your studio looks really gigantic. It looks like it was filmed in an airplane hangar.

As for the music, we certainly used the same rush music-focused composer as the Quebec version. I really feel like the fate of my life depends on the flavor of Sebastian’s tuna filling.

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Big difference: In the French version, the participants have “coaches” who follow them everywhere and advise them. I’m not too sure of their usefulness and honestly it wouldn’t be long before they were being told instead of aspiring chefs, “Get yours off my legs!”

It’s not meant to be chauvinistic, but I prefer the Quebec approach, where renowned chefs work female dogs in her corner without interfering.

At 43 minutes, it was time for me to take a nap, which is the normal length of an episode of bosses.

I woke up just in time to see Louise dipping her fingers into Sébastien’s recipe at 1:01:00. Ark!

Screenshot / YouTube

With Arnaud winning his challenge and Louise winning hers, it was Sébastien’s turn to take charge and come up with a recipe.

And he challenged his opponents to make rabbits à la royale.

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“Hare à la royale is an emblematic dish of French cuisine. In the traditional recipe, it’s a rabbit that’s boned, marinated in red wine, placed in a medallion stuffed with offal and foie gras, and topped with a blood-like sauce,” the narrator explained.

I was getting really sick, but I hadn’t seen anything yet.

Here are some screenshots of the carnage that awaited me…
(I’m not a vegetarian, I like meat, but I still advise vegetarians to scroll down fast fast fast…)

Screenshot / YouTube

Screenshot / YouTube

Screenshot / YouTube

Screenshot / YouTube

In short, in the end, like us, some win, others lose, people scream, people laugh, the music is too intense, but personally I got captured by the game and by the end I didn’t feel like I saw myself anymore a French program.

I was watching a show, period.

So I was entertained.

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