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“What a big error / Falling in love with the singer”, Clara Luciani laughs about one of the irresistible disco hits on her second album. heartwhose cover alone makes you want to dance at the feet of the French star.

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Emily Cote

Emily Cote
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Clara Luciani may have warned us about this “amateur blunder,” the viewers who filled Tuesday night’s MTelus all fell into the trap of blind idolatry.

With reason! If Clara Luciani would spin a few songs before hitting the stage completely fulfilled and relaxed, her show would end triumphantly with her post-pandemic dancefloor anthem par excellence. Breathe again.

“It has to move, it has to tremble, it has to sweat again,” she repeats in the chorus, which fully accomplishes its mission.

This is exactly what happened on Tuesday evening on the MTelus floor.

Clara Luciani’s show started a little late. At 10:20 p.m., the crowd finally heard the beats that introduce the title track of heart. Clara Luciani appeared in the flesh to a barrage of shouts and applause. At the beginning of the course, however, something was wrong overall and in the sound. The singer’s voice was buried by her musicians. This was also the case Love alwayssong that followed, but the crowd’s expressive happiness filled the felt emptiness.

Clara Luciani was moved by the crowd’s welcome, which gave her lightness and agility. She wowed the audience Bandit, she kept rocking like you and you was as funny as it was melancholic Everyone (except you).

Notable is the extent to which Clara Luciani can count on fiery musicians, namely Alban Claudin on keyboards, Mathieu Edward on drums, Benjamin Porraz on guitar and Pierre Elgrishi on sparkling disco bass. The latter has also replaced the one he looks on, Julien Doré sad and slow.

As for the surprises, there was one that was expected – but so much appreciated – the leap onto the stage by Pierre Lapointe for his duet with Clara Luciani What can we dowhich describes the chemistry that “works when two bodies collide”.

The union of their voices? Wonderful.

Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, special collaboration

Clara Luciani in a duet with Pierre Lapointe

A return to Montreal

Clara Luciani entered the MTelus stage for the second time. She made it in 2018 in the first part of Eddy de Pretto. Four years later, she tops the bill on two nights instead of one. What a journey for the 29-year-old artist.

In the show we understand why Clara Luciani was crowned the 2019 Victoires de la Musique’s scenic revelation and that she was twice named Performer of the Year. Clara Luciani’s voice is always right, she pockets the audience and moves gracefully with her long legs, square jaw and chic dance steps.

In fact, today it’s hard to understand why Clara Luciani titled a song I don’t know how to please but we do know that the former member of the group La Femme had the confidence to be at the front of the stage, not innate but had to be acquired.

his second album heart, launched in June 2021, made her a superstar. “Irresistible” turns out to be the word that best describes his disco tunes and melodies with the typical bombast of French pop. And it applies even more to the show.

The party reached its climax on Tuesday evening The rest, The Bay (cover of Metronomy) and The grenadehit from his debut album, Sainte Victoire. The show then came to an end and the audience experienced a great moment of collective joy. In fact, the joy was mutual.

When Clara Luciani dropped her dance bomb Breathe again Before the recall, there was no doubt: we were witnessing a triumph. Her own triumph, but also that of the community of hearts through music.

Can we do that again on Wednesday night?

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