Firefox offers full cookie protection

With its Total Cookies Protection feature, Firefox seriously strengthens its users’ privacy by limiting the impact of cookies on their originating site. A clever and effective technique to avoid being tracked on the web.

As we know, Mozilla has always been very privacy conscious. The famous foundation has even made it one of the main development areas for their Firefox browser. And it now takes a big step forward to ensure even more privacy for its users with its Total Cookies Protection (TCP or Total Protection against Cookies) feature. As she explains on her blog, this feature, previously only available in Firefox’s “strict” mode of Enhanced Tracking Protection, is now enabled by default in the browser. And this systematic activation changes, while preventing harried or dizzy internet users from being tracked while surfing the internet by clicking the famous “Accept All Cookies” button a little too quickly when they arrive at a website.

Total Cookies Protection: a tracker blocking feature

The principle of this automatic protection is as clever as it is effective. It “simply” consists of confining the effect of cookies to their place of origin by isolating them in a kind of hermetic boxes – “cookie boxes”, as Mozilla calls them. Therefore, each time a cookie is created by a website or online service, it places a cookie in the field assigned to it, without the possibility of retrieving and extracting information stored in other fields. In this way, no site can access and exploit information linked to another. Clever!

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This original type of isolation should significantly limit the tracking and monitoring of activities on the Internet, in particular by avoiding the targeted advertising that appears on the pages thanks to the personal information collected by the tracking cookies, data that allow an analysis of the behavior of Internet users , by drawing their digital portrait. The result of years of work and experimentation, this full protection against cookies strengthens Firefox’s arsenal by going much further than Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP), an anti-tracking feature that blocked tracers by relying on a list , which had disadvantages and limitations . The Total Cookies Protection feature is available now for new Firefox users and will be rolled out gradually to all versions of the browser by August 23.

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