[EN IMAGES] The Canadian Grand Prix in 4 unusual moments

Montreal is gearing up to host the Canadian Grand Prix next weekend.

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In the 44 years of its existence, this event has been the scene of spectacular… and unusual moments.

Here are four strange moments that shaped the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

1. Gilles Villeneuve celebrates his first Formula 1 win with a “little Federation”

[EN IMAGES]    The Canadian Grand Prix in 4 unusual moments

Motorsport fans were marked by images of Gilles Villeneuve celebrating his victory at the first Montreal Grand Prix with a Magnum Labatt 50. The legendary Quebec driver had pushed back the traditional bottle of champagne to celebrate his first Formula 1 victory with a very large beer.

In 1978, the Labatt brewery agreed to sponsor the first Grand Prix de Montréal.

To boost the young pilot’s popularity, the company had the message “Villeneuve Fever” printed on the placemats of the restaurants where its products were sold.

By refusing the champagne, Gilles Villeneuve wanted to thank the first sponsor who believed in him.

2. Nigel Mansell’s gaffe

[EN IMAGES]    The Canadian Grand Prix in 4 unusual moments

Briton Nigel Mansell wowed spectators at the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix. The driver dominated his rivals for the first 68 laps of the race. However, a rookie mistake cost him the win.

Two kilometers from the finish line, Mansell’s Williams FW14-Renault came to a sudden stop. In a panic, the driver began pounding on the chassis. Brazil’s Nelson Piquet took advantage of his rival’s bad luck to steal first place.

Distracted, the Briton would have forgotten to downshift his car, which would have resulted in his V10 engine dying.

3. The Strange Victory of Jean Alesi

[EN IMAGES]    The Canadian Grand Prix in 4 unusual moments

In 1995, Frenchman Jean Alesi won his only title of his career. He took top honors in a Ferrari nOh 27, the number Gilles Villeneuve had at the height of his fame.

The race had been difficult. The wet road made it difficult to control his single-seater. Alesi even nearly collided with David Coulthard’s Williams, who was spinning.

His car broke down shortly after the finish line. Jean Alesi enjoyed the applause of the crowd before being brought back to the pits by Michael Schumacher, who had finished fifth.

This moment, immortalized by several photos, marked the history of the Canadian Grand Prix.

4. The Schumacher brothers make F1 history

[EN IMAGES]    The Canadian Grand Prix in 4 unusual moments

The date of June 10, 2001 was just as significant for the Schumacher family as it was for the history of Formula 1.

In fact, it is the date that brothers Ralf and Michael Schumacher won the Canadian Grand Prix. They became the first siblings to win an F1 title.

Ralf Schumacher, less well known than his brother, took first place. His eldest followed him in second.

At the finish line, Michael hugged him.

The German had confided in that New York Times that he was “honored to lose to his brother”.

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