Deadly Dangerous Maneuver: A baby will never see his father

The life of a father who was due to give birth to his second child this summer would have been violently mown down by a teenager’s dangerous car ride on Monday night in Rawdon.

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“Giving driver’s licenses to 17-year-old children is not a good idea,” says Gérald Castilloux. I waited until I was 21 to get mine. It rides in a chariot […] and it cannot drive. »

His son Jean-Éric Castilloux, 38, died in a violent face-to-face clash on the Chemin du Lac-Morgan in Rawdon in Lanaudière around 5:30pm on Monday.

According to the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), a 17-year-old young man overtook in the oncoming lane and caused a serious collision with the victim’s vehicle.

The deadly duel happened about four kilometers from the home of the father of the family.


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cargo and driver’s license

The teenager was arrested for dangerous driving resulting in death.

However, he has not yet been formally charged as he is still in hospital treating minor injuries.

In its investigation, the SQ tries to determine whether the suspect was in possession of a valid driver’s license.

Still shaken, Jean-Éric’s father implores young drivers to be less reckless on the roads to prevent such a drama.

You have to be careful, very careful. It can’t be that we’ve come this far,” insists the seventy-year-old on the phone.

His son, who grew up in Paspébiac in the Gaspé, was expecting the birth of a little girl in August, he already had a 10-year-old child.

“No father. It’s sad that there, ”breathed Mr. Castilloux, speechless at the tragedy.

Jean Eric Castilloux, victim

Photo taken from Facebook

Jean Eric Castilloux, victim

A worker

Established in Rawdon for a few years, in the 1930s, known for his hard work, he headed the SandBlast Montreal company, specializing in particular in concrete wall restoration services.

“It was a very good one Jack, says Eric Lanthier, his business partner, emphasizing that he has never hesitated to travel for work at the weekend. He did not deserve that. »

Observe the rules

Regardless of driver age and comfort level, safety rules must be followed at all times, reminds Marco Harrison, road safety expert at CAA-Quebec.

Especially for those who are less experienced, “it’s about reducing risk-taking as much as possible […] focus on doing things well within our means,” he says.

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