Child safety features on the Metaverse of Meta

To ensure the safety of children in the Metaverse, Meta will introduce several features in its virtual reality domain. These will be added to those already present on Instagram. Meta intends to stifle the debate about this app’s impact on children.

integrated meta new security features for kids on the metaverse. Now Metas Quest VR headset has features Parental Control Software. So parents can Approve or decline purchases and block apps. Also, they can see what apps a teenage user has. You will also receive Notifications with every purchase.

The parental control features will only be activated if a teenager has linked their account with a parent. This enables him Know a child’s screen time to see who added them Friend and block content from a PC to VR headset.

“We are adding more features to the app to encourage teens to do so have more positive experiences online with a variety of content… and also to be more aware of the time spent online,” says Vaishnavi J, Head of Youth Wellbeing at Meta.

Meta implements measures to increase the safety of children on Instagram

Of Politician Meta recently criticized the way it treats young users of its apps. Of legislature specifically mentioned the lack of safeguards around Instagram. They cited internal research by Meta (leaked by a Facebook whistleblower) and highlighted the company’s own concerns. on use by young people and on mental health when using the app. Meta responded by releasing new security tools and trying to discredit published research.

To this end, the company has implemented many new measures increase child safety. On Instagram, parents can now Set schedules to limit app usage during the week. You can view the information for each post reported by a child.

In addition, Instagram will start sending so-called “nudges” to teenage users. These are hints for reduce the time spent on a topic – potentially dangerous – and migrate to another.

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