Biden 2024: We must not

While the media has nothing but the public hearings of the commission of inquiry into the Jan. 6, 2021 attack, the Democratic president continues to plummet and his approval rating is just 39% for the third straight year.

Democrats are increasingly concerned and less and less discreet on the issue. With the exception of a few states like Georgia, we will avoid associating Joe Biden with the November midterm candidates.

In itself, it is neither exceptional nor unusual for a president to be unpopular after the first two years of his term. Because heavyweights like David Axelrod, journalist and political consultant, have doubts about a candidacy for 2024 so early on.

Everything is going too fast

In April 2021 I split a text about a possible second semester and ended the title with a question mark. I withdraw it unreservedly. Of course the 46e President did not benefit from favorable conditions, but everything is happening too fast for him.

The one who has already embodied compromise and inspired trust, if only as an option for Donald Trump, has failed to carry out many of his most promising projects. The Democrats are divided and Biden no longer has the necessary grip.

If the midterm elections go as badly as advertised, Joe Biden will already be called “duck blade‘, a lame duck who will represent a weight for the 2024 election.

Too old

I mentioned David Axelrod’s doubts above. Among the factors he puts forward to rule out Biden, there is one that might offend some sensitivities: age. While he’s one of the few observers to confirm this, the former Obama adviser isn’t the only one who believes Biden would be too old at 82 in 2024.

For strategists, it doesn’t matter if Biden’s record includes highlights like restoring ties with NATO countries and delivering a lavish stimulus package, or if he’s brought ethics and normality back to the White House, he’s old and, most importantly, he looks the part .

Once energetic and a lively speaker, he has lost his luster. Looking at him, one remembers only the limitations of aging from his advanced age, without using his great experience. Instead of seeing him as a sage, he is seen as a politician from another era.

Being President of the United States is exhausting, and younger men have attested to the brutal nature of this stressful job. Joe Biden did what was expected of him, he took out Trump. His departure is now desirable, but it brings with it a question that few analysts or members of the Democratic Party dare answer: who will replace him?

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