Baby forgotten in the car | A father defending another father

Louis-Philippe left his baby in his car on a hot summer’s day. Unlike Anaïs Perlot, who suspects that her own boy died as a result of the child’s father’s negligence, the man from Saint-Jérôme claims that there was an accident. “It could be an accident. I know it because I’ve lived it! »

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Emilie Bilodeau

Emilie Bilodeau
The press

On August 17, 2016, the life of Louis-Philippe and his family changed. That day, the father took his two eldest sons to their day camp, but he forgot that his 11-month-old son was in the back seat of the vehicle in his booster seat.

Louis-Philippe went to work while little Jacob stayed in the car. It wasn’t until the end of the day, when he went to the daycare, where the staff told him he never came to pick up his child, that the drama became clear to him. He found his toddler dead of hyperthermia in the family car.

The investigators interviewed the two parents that same evening, and the theory of the accident remained. The head of criminal and prosecution never pressed charges against the father.

“It’s a path that I’ve walked many times, that I could do with my eyes closed. i was in my bubble I started an apprenticeship, which I really liked for my job. I was listening to the radio and something must have happened that made me lose focus. But one thing is for sure: I’m not a criminal,” he said six years later.

Louis-Philippe wanted to speak in response to Anaïs Perlot, this mother who told it The presson Tuesday that she was considering filing a private negligence complaint against the father of their son Cassius. The latter was left in a car and found dead in Griffintown, Montreal in 2018.

In both cases, coroners indicated that a stop at daycare represented a change in routine for these families. Both coroners spoke of an “accidental death”.

Even I couldn’t believe at first that it was an accident. I thought I was a monster, that I was a this, a that. I called myself all names. Everyone before me understood that it was an accident.

Louis Philip

He recalls being completely devastated by the death of Cassius in 2018, two years after the death of his own son. At that time he had written a message to his father and his wife, with whom he is still in a relationship, one for Anaïs Perlot. He does not know if her letters, which were sent to the CPE, were forwarded to the bereaved parents.

Don’t “go to war”

Louis-Philippe doubts that court action and private negligence lawsuits are a good idea. When his son died, he remembers his nurse asking him, “Do you think Jacob would want you to spend your life sad because he’s not here?”

“To be honest, I had to answer no,” says the father, who also had a little girl after Jacob’s death.

“Your child doesn’t want you to be unhappy. Your child doesn’t want you to go to war,” he explains.

“Sadness, I’ll be stuck until I die,” he says. I will think of this child until I die. But over time the pain subsides. And since the pain is less intense, we end up understanding certain elements. »

A device to prevent accidents?

After the death of Cassius in 2018, Coroner Me Julie A. Blondin recommended that Transport Canada introduce a safety standard to add a warning device to child car seats when young children are left unattended. She is not the first to make such a recommendation. “Transport Canada has analyzed the availability of some of these detection systems that can warn when a child is left unattended in a vehicle. According to our observations, no sensor has yet been able to fulfill this task perfectly. It remains the primary responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure the well-being of children,” said Sau Sau Liu, spokeswoman for the ministry. According to the article by The press On Tuesday, readers reported that their new Subaru, Ford, GMC or Toyota vehicle was equipped with a warning device.

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