At the heart of CHT’s cardiac surgery mission

Four cardiologists have declared their withdrawal from CHT. The news comes as a cardiac microsurgery mission from public hospitals in metropolitan France is currently on the territory. She operated on about forty patients in 15 days. A third of the surgeries consisted of coronary bypasses. Everything had previously been anticipated via video conference with New Caledonian practitioners.

This is called an on-site course: on the one hand the heart surgeon from the Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris and on the other hand an emergency doctor and cardiologist from the Médipôle. The operation is exceptional for Caledonia: a coronary bypass. In short, it consists of bypassing a blocked artery by creating a bridge with a healthy artery.

These are very specialized operations. In New Caledonia the surgeons do more general surgeries, but we don’t do any heart surgeries at all. Normally, patients are evacuated to Australia “, explains Nathalie Rey, surgical nurse at CHT.

To operate on a stuck heart, the anesthesiologist must dose the drugs with infinite precision between 4 and 8 hours.

Multiple operating theaters are operated simultaneously in an identical configuration, and all metropolitan teams agree: “We see the immense progress. Today I work with an entirely New Caledonian team at my side, with no external supervision.“, explains Dr. Pierre Demondion, cardiac surgeon at the Pitié Salpêtrière public hospital in Paris.

Effective if the memories of the technical gestures persist. To help the Caledonians, Agnès Jue-Denis, a surgical nurse specializing in metropolitan France, prepares races for them. “I will leave her Intervention sheets with the important points not to be forgotten and that will allow them to benefit from a little help in the care of the patients in the next interventions.

But after the announcement of the resignation of four cardiologists from the Caledonian service, the next mission threatens to be simply cancelled. Doctor Mathieu Debauchez, head of this mission, is unequivocal: no efficient cardiology service, no cardiac surgery.

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