Android phone or iPhone, which one should I choose?

The debate between iPhone and Android has been raging since smartphones first appeared, and today we know that both have qualities and flaws. Of course, there are big differences between the best Android phone and the best iPhone, and the question of which ecosystem to go with is an important one. If you are wondering which one to choose between an Android phone and an iPhone, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Android and iPhone manufacturers

The differences between iPhone and Android are most obvious when it comes to device manufacturers. Only Apple makes iPhones, so it has tight control over how the operating system and the device work together. For its part, the Android system is offered by many smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung. This is why Android phones vary so much from model to model.

High-end Android phones are often as good as Apple’s devices, but entry-level Androids are more prone to problems. iPhones can also have some issues, but they are generally and overall better quality.

When you buy an iPhone, all you have to do is decide between the different models on offer. However, since many companies make Android phones, you need to decide not only on a model but also on a brand.

The operating system

To ensure you always have the latest and greatest version of your device’s operating system, it’s best to get an iPhone. As a matter of fact, some Android manufacturers are slow to update their phones to the latest version of Android OS and sometimes don’t update their phones at all. Phone manufacturers, not users, control when the OS update is released for their phones.

And while older phones will eventually lose support for the latest operating system, Apple’s support for older phones is much better than Android’s.

application security

Apple’s App Store has fewer apps than Google Play, but selection isn’t the most important factor. Apple is strict about allowed apps, while Google’s standards for Android are much more relaxed. While Apple’s control may seem excessive, it prevents situations where a fake version of WhatsApp was downloaded 1 million times from Google Play before it was removed. Also when it comes to security in general, the iPhone has a big lead over Android devices.

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