A look back at Day 2022 of the exchange network dedicated to medical travel across the continent

The Inseme Association has been commissioned by the Culettività di Corsica to create and stimulate a network that allows synergies between the various institutional regional players, associations, professionals in the health sector and sea and air transport companies working at the service of families dealing with medical Travel faces are the mainland.

After a first day of discussion in 2021 to improve information for patients in emergencies and medical travel on the continent, the day of discussion on June 10, 2022 dealt with medical transports to the continent in the presence of Flora Mattei, President of the Office of Transport of Corsica.

At the Uffiziu di i Transporti di a Corsica and for the development of the routes of the Sea Plans 2023, the segment of medical passengers could be quantified and objectified, thanks in particular to the mobilization of the Association Inseme and the CPAMs, which characterize a need for public passenger transport in maritime transport. As part of the improvement in the organization of the flight service by 2024, all patients will soon be able to express their needs related to medical transport within the framework of territorial continuity.

Progress has already been made:
– The current contracted public service companies have adopted a charter that allows a reception adapted to the sick, after making the request for accompaniment before departure.
– If the trip takes place at night, the cabin will be reimbursed by social security. If the crossing affects a person with reduced mobility, the crossing of the vehicle can also be covered.
– Persons with reduced mobility can contact the transport companies before departure to organize their pick-up.
– To obtain a stretcher, oxygen set, electronic ventilator or extra seat, patients must contact the companies two days prior to departure.

In terms of infrastructure, Marseille-Provence Airport reserves Air Corsica’s “Aria Serena” rest room for medical passengers. It is available upon request at the company’s boarding desk.

In a real perspective of territorial continuity for the public service, the Corsica collectivity, the Tourist Office of Corsica, Inseme and all those involved continue to work to reduce the geographical gap between Corsica and the continent in order to better treat the island’s patients .

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