A French columnist makes fun of the Québec version of Les Chefs and suddenly the population reacts to it

Quiet. They beat us again…

In June of the year of grace 2022, almost 500 years after Jacques Cartier first set foot in America and followed an exciting adventure that we will not endlessly remind you in this sentence, there are always people in France who say themselves: “Oh! Oh! Our Canadian cousins ​​​​​​accent is funny! TABERNACLE!”

And that even if it happens every time in the French media bag of chips takes a malicious pleasure in stepping into his virtual curtains.

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The latest instance of “Suddenly they’re so different from us in Caribouland” happened during the show last week Daily moderated by Yann Barthès.

In general, it’s a good TV program: you learn serious things there and enjoy the weaknesses of the world you live in.

Think infomanbut on a budget.

But on the June 8 episode, columnist Étienne Carbonnier attacked during the segment The sofato a holy monster of Quebec TV: the show The leaders.

What could have been a good idea quickly turned into a bunch of clichés.

The accent, “Canada,” the maple syrup, the poutine, the accent again: That’s the end of it…

Too bad, because a few observations from the report were indeed remarkable: the questions Élyse Marquis asked, the chefs shouting, the “finesse” in the kitchen, the chefs not heeding the coaches’ advice , among other things.

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Fortunately, some netizens did not hesitate to defend the Quebec version in the comments on Facebook.

Screenshot/Facebook Daily

Screenshot/Facebook Daily

Screenshot/Facebook Daily

Now it would be interesting to do the reverse exercise, that is, look at the French version and note any differences.

And that’s exactly what we did!

Here is the result of our experiment:
I looked at the French version of Les Chefs and realized that a few things are wrong

See also on the bag of chips:

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