Understand the demise of cryptocurrencies better

Cryptocurrencies are in a major downturn. Here are some articles to explain what it returns.

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Coinbase cuts 18% of its workforce

Cryptocurrency platform Coinbase announced on Tuesday that it will cut 18% of its workforce as the virtual currency market takes a hit, with its boss citing economic conditions and the company’s too-rapid expansion. Coinbase entered the NASDAQ in April 2021.

Mishandled Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin plunged to its lowest level in 18 months on Monday, weighed down by a lack of investor risk appetite, with the cryptocurrency market briefly falling below the symbolic $1 trillion mark.

Uncertain future for Celsius Network, which has received millions of CDPQ

The adventure of the Caisse de depot et placement du Québec (CDPQ) in cryptocurrencies turns into a nightmare after only eight months. Its partner Celsius Network is freezing withdrawals and transfers for its 1.7 million customers over what is perceived as a liquidity crisis – raising fears for the worst for its future.

Cryptocurrency Market Crash: Celebs Are More Discreet

In the latest ad from virtual currency website Crypto.com entitled Bravery is a process, star basketball player Joel Embiid strolls through Philadelphia while Bill Self, his former college coach, talks. “Even though our path didn’t make sense for everyone, we kept going,” Self says in the ad, which debuted May 6. “We’ll keep going until our path is where they would have liked to go. »

What the ad doesn’t say: The cryptocurrency market is in the midst of a meltdown. Attention buyers.

Bitcoin, Dollars and Inflation: Myths and Realities

Rising Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre promoted cryptocurrency by offering a choice between bitcoin and the Canadian dollar. That’s a bad idea, according to the experts we interviewed.

Why a crash?

To try to see more clearly The press collected the observations and comments of two Quebec cryptocurrency market analysts in May.

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