The Rocket plays game #7 Wednesday night in Springfield

The rocket (2 – 3) faced elimination in Springfield last night. JF Houle’s men needed a win to force a seventh ultimate game to be held tomorrow (back in Springfield). Otherwise it is Holiday season which would reverberate on the bus that would take them back to Laval last night.

The first mission was accomplished when the Rocket defeated the Thunderbirds 5-1.

Danick Martel (2 goals and 1 assist) was the best of his team and scored the first goal of the game right at the start second. Brandon Gignac (1 goal and 1 assist) is the only other Rocket player to have two or more points.

Cayden Primeau was stunning once again, stopping 30 of 31 shots aimed at him. Ever since he replaced Kevin Poulin at the start of the playoffs, Primeau has been unmanageable.

Martel and Primeau were named the game’s first and second stars, respectively.

As a result, a seventh game without Laval will be played tomorrow and even if his teammates start to show signs of fatigue (physical and mental), Cayden Primeau has no intention of doing so escape him tomorrow evening.

Does the Rocket have a real shot at winning a second straight game ahead of the North Montreal crown? If the Thunderbirds aren’t back on the power play by tomorrow night, the answer is natural Yes indeed. That T Birds have not scored a goal by a man (or two) in 29 games. Can the Rocket’s PK last another 60 minutes? Will the Laval team be more disciplined?

Since we’re talking about the rocket and the Thunderbirds, you know that…

1. Jesse Ylonen was badly beaten last night. He was shaken, he couldn’t finish the game, he will meet the team doctors today and JF Houle doesn’t expect to see Ylonen in uniform tomorrow night. Will Joshua Roy get another chance?

2. the feed Used by RDS last night, was again that provided by the American League. A picture little qualityIt’s never compressed, which jumps when the cameraman moves from left to right exciting on one TV 75 inches. I wonder if last night’s ratings were as good as those weekend last.

Currently, The Rocket take the place left by the Canadian from bottom and CF Montreal are unclaimed in this FIFA international break.

3. There wasn’t YES, REALLY not so many fans in Springfield than at Place Bell at Rocket games. Only 6,533 people were in attendance Mutual crowd center last night.

4. The Rocket is a club that, despite the lack of young future starsShe refuses to give up and will fight to the end. Even when overtaken by a more talented team, the Rocket doesn’t flinch.

5. It’s still a shame not to see Justin Barron (injury) and Jordan Harris (rules) participate in these series in the American League.

6. Will William Trudeau and or Xavier Simoneau will join Rocket if it enters the Grand Final?

7. It’s still unclear which of Joel Hofer or Charlie Lindgren will face Rocket tomorrow night. In theory, it would be Lindgren’s turn (rotation), but Hofer has much better runs. We will see.

8th. At Rocket – and especially at the Canadiens and their fans – we have to be patient with Cayden Primeau…even though he’s had some excellent weeks of hockey in the American League.

9. Two fire alarms went off at the Rocket Hotel yesterday. One around 7:30am and one around 11:30pm. There was also an alarm on the morning of June 4th or 5th, at the start of the playoffs. Chance? Coincidence? I do not think so.

Note that some Thunderbirds players who do not reside in Springfield stay at the same hotel. James Neal in particular. Let’s call him a collateral victim…

10 The winner of tomorrow night’s Ultimate Match meets the winner of the series between Stockton Heat and Chicago Wolves in the Calder Cup Grand Final. The Wolves have won the first three games of this series, but the Heat have only won the last two games. Next games: tonight and maybe tomorrow in Chicago.


– Kaiden Guhle has never lost a single streak since joining Junior.

– Other scouts talk about Shane Wright and some other prospects.

– The Oilers and Jay Woodcroft have yet to negotiate.

– Will convince Barry Spite to return to Winnipeg for free beer and a beer with his name on it, uh uh?

– Speaking of beer, some Windsor Spitfires fans got inspired last night.

– Outstanding win (and revenge) for Team Canada Women U18.

– What a bad week for Soccer Canada.

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