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Launched a few months ago, the Oppo Watch Free is the manufacturer’s second connected watch with good arguments to convince sports enthusiasts. Today she is taking advantage of an Amazon promotion that lowers the price from €99 to just €79.

Watch Oppo Free // Source: oppo

After a first try on the market for viableOppo presents its second version: the Oppo Watch Free. This model is more accessible than the manufacturer’s first connected watch and meets most expectations for a watch in 2022 with a lower price. It offers many interesting features and will become a very good ally in everyday life. Especially today, thanks to this offer, it is possible to find it for less than 80 euros.

What is the Oppo Watch Free?

  • A 1.64 inch AMOLED screen
  • Long-lasting autonomy
  • Full sports tracking and health features

With a starting price of 99 euros, the Connected Watch Oppo Watch Free is shown on Amazon at a lower price: only 79 euros. It can be found on E.Leclerc’s website for the same price.

Screenshot of the price history of the Oppo Watch Free on Amazon
Screenshot of the Oppo Watch Free price history on Amazon // Source: keepa

The best from both worlds

When designing the Watch Free, Oppo keeps the rectangular screen of its watch but stretches it to show more information. With this new design, Oppo’s connected watch could be confused with a connected bracelet like Huawei’s, for example. In addition, it is very comfortable to wear with its sporty bracelet and with only 33 grams on the scales it is quickly forgotten.

As for the screen, Oppo does not skimp on the quality of the latter, based on a 1.64-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 280×456 pixels. You will have no problem reading the screen in daylight. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted automatically thanks to the ambient light sensor.

A clock for day and night

Obviously, every connected watch has a set of sensors to optimally satisfy athletes. There is an accelerometer and gyroscope to estimate the number of steps optimally, as well as a heart rate monitor and an oximeter to measure SpO2. Which allows for the follow-up of your workout to 108 assisted physical activities. The Oppo Watch Free also offers specific training for running with jogging, cardio, endurance or split. It’s also capable of recognizing four sports: running, walking, elliptical, and rowing.

As for autonomy, the Oppo Connected Watch offers 14 days of autonomy in standard mode. An advantage over higher quality watches that last a day or two. You can therefore activate sleep tracking for several days. The Watch Free gains stamina by integrating the RTOS operating system, however, this OS has the disadvantage of offering a limited number of compatible applications. The charging is impressive as well as its charge as 5 minutes is enough to last a day.

What does the competition offer?

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