study | Is it really more expensive to eat out in Quebec?

The myth that local products are more expensive could be busted. As food prices continue to rise, consumers who prefer Quebec products at the grocery store often pay a lower bill, according to a study published Tuesday by Aliments du Québec. The charcuterie, granola bars and cheese produced here are some of the local products with a cheaper price than equivalents from other countries.

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Nathaelle Morissette

Nathaelle Morissette
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According to the study, conducted by Dalhousie University, in more than two-thirds of the food categories analyzed, local products were either as “competitive” as their out-of-province counterparts or offered at a lower cost. These results pleasantly surprised Aliments du Québec executive director Isabelle Roy, who “didn’t expect such a high percentage.” She sees it as a way to showcase buying Quebec products as a great way to save money on grocery shopping. “Against the background of inflation, the price is on everyone’s lips,” she emphasizes. We wanted Quebec consumers to know that they could shop locally without paying more. »

The categories

As part of this study, conducted in January and February, 134 local products and 431 items from outside Quebec were combed and grouped into 48 categories. For example, in the grocery department, 12 out of 22 categories give an “advantage” to products from Quebec. Including salad dressing, jelly, peanut butter and flour. In the dairy sector, local cheese is crowding out external competition. For fish and meat, 50% of the categories have cheaper products outside the province. Bread, bagels, tortillas, and other Quebec pitas are sold at prices similar to others.

A persistent myth

For Isabelle Roy, this data could help change perceptions that Quebec products are more expensive, a myth that has tough skin. Nearly 54% of Québec residents would like to shop more locally but feel they can’t afford it, according to figures released by Aliments du Québec in May. “That was really the goal of this study,” she says. At Aliments du Québec, we have been working to change this perception for several years. We will aim for that in our next advertising campaigns. Here are the products for which you have a competitive price offer. »

Mme Roy intends to commission more such studies at different times of the year. “It won’t just take one campaign to undo that perception. »

Currently, more than 25,000 products carry the Aliments du Québec or Aliments made in Québec seal, an increase of 15% in 2 years.

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