Six Degrees wins the Rockie Award

series six degreesfrom Simon Boulericewon that Rockie Award in the category ” Live Action: Youth (11-17) “. The prize was awarded as part of the Banff International Media Festivalone of the most important international media events in Canada.

Thus, the series can add this trophy to their collection, which already includes two Awards for Excellence 2022 that the series received on May 24 at the Gala ofyouth media alliance.

Congratulations to the entire Six Degrees team

The series was also among the finalists of the prestigious MIPCOM 2021 in Cannes for the price” Diversify TV Excellence Award for Representation of Disability – Scripted» and was published for the 2021 edition of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival in the category ” best foreign french language series “.

The second season of the series six degrees marked Noah Parker, Francesca Barcelona, Alexandre Goyette, Catherine Trudeau, Leanne Desilets, Evelyne Laferriere, Anthony Therrien, Esteban Wurtele, Zakary Methotand Joelle Pare-Beaulieu and was broadcast ICI Tou.TV EXTRA.

Five new actors and actresses were also added to the cast: Emmanuelle Lussier Martinez, Emily Chicoine, Marine Johnson, Michel Anthony Bordea blind actor who was in his first experience of filming fiction and Victoria Diamond.

Simon Boulerice, the author, offered us 13 new episodes in which ” the strength of difference and the singularity of beings were on the agenda.

We find Léon (Noah Parker) and his entourage where we found them at the end of the 1st centuryD Season. In order not to lose his eyesight completely, Léon is bedridden, this is the only way to save his eye. Fortunately, he can count on the support of the Fournier-Espinoza clan and Florence (Marine Johnson). In that moment of need, he decided to pursue a dream: to follow in the footsteps of his mother, Marianne (Catherine Trudeau), and to write. Through found correspondence between Marianne and Violette (Joëlle Paré-Beaulieu), Léon discovers his mother’s romantic past. He is surprised to think of this life Marianne could have had if Violette hadn’t left. ‘ we read in a press release.

As Ricardo (Anthony Therrien) and Doris (Léanne Désilets) explore their new married life together, Léon meets Maggie (Emi Chicoine), a sunblind man who blinds Léon as much as destabilizes Florence and her couple. By getting closer to Léon, Violette reappears in the life of Francis (Alexandre Goyette), which will encourage him to reconnect with his first love: photojournalism. He goes to Bangladesh for a few weeks, leaving Julietta (Francesca Bàrcenas) alone with the tribe. Before she leaves, Julietta’s cousin Amanda (Emmanuelle Lussier Martinez) arrives at the house straight from Paris. This fashion designer doesn’t fail to review Julietta’s life, which is a lot less glamorous than hers. The cousins’ coexistence will not be without its problems and challenges. Meanwhile, Bélinda (Evelyne Laferrière) deals with her newfound reputation and social media awareness. You will be offered a new professional opportunity“.

Congratulations to the entire team atsix degreesfor the Rockie Award!

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