Series of “disasters”: Our experts speak up … and surprise!

They are just two clans who must compete for the prestigious Stanley Cup.

On one side is the Tampa Bay Lightning, a club that needs no introduction and is built for war. On the other hand, the impressive Colorado Avalanche, the best-established team that will challenge the reigning champions on our airwaves on Wednesday.

The Denver club reached the final for the first time in 21 years and their trajectory is no accident: Nathan Mackinnon plays with passion while young defender Cale Makar never fails to wow the gallery. Unlike the eastern competitor, the question mark is in front of the network.

The uncertainty the Avs goalies inspire is offset by the raw talent of their offense.

Many are of the opinion that if there is a squad capable of depriving the Lightning of his Dreipeat and to give him his biggest challenge in the playoffs, it’s the Avalanche.

Others will tell you that experience cannot be bought and that the Nikita Kucherovs, Steven Stamkos, Alex Killorn and Andrei Vasilevskiy are conditioned to win regardless of enemy resistance.

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This is actually shown by the forecasts of our experts: 19 of our 22 surveyed specialists favor the Lightning.

Only Jean-Sébastien Giguère, Rodger Brulotte, Marc-André Perreault and Denis Casavant believe in the Avalanche’s chance of burying the Floridanians and stealing the trophy from them.

What’s more, journalist Renaud Lavoie not only predicts a triumph for the Lightning, he sees them win in just…five games! He’s the only one to get so wet as his peers believe the final will be over in six or seven games.

Only one of the nine hockey fans anticipating a seventh and final duel sees the Avalanche turn the tide. Is our descriptor Denis Casavant in the Mystery of the Gods? And what about our national rodger? He thinks Colorado is preparing for a natural disaster with a win in five games!

Remember that in the previous round, 16 out of 23 Experts (69.5%) had predicted wins for Avalanche (Western finals) and Lightning (Eastern finals).

TVA Sports Pundits Predictions – Stanley Cup Finals

Guillaume Latendresse: Tampa in the 7th

Pascal Leclaire: Tampa in the 7th

Dave Morissette: Tampa in the 6th

Rodger Brulotte: Colorado in the 5th

Jean-Philippe Bertrand: Tampa in the 6th

Michel Godbout: Tampa in the 6th

Louis Jean: Tampa in the 6th

Felix Seguin: Tampa in the 7th

Patrick Lalime: Tampa in the 6th

Jean-Sebastien Giguere: Colorado in the 6th

Sebastien Goulet: Tampa in the 6th

Alain Chainey: Tampa in the 7th

Alexandre Picard: Tampa in the 7th

Elizabeth Rancourt: Tampa in the 6th

Jean Charles Lajoie: Tampa in the 7th

Renaud Lavoie: Tampa in the 5th

Eric Fichaud: Tampa in the 7th

Maxime Lapierre: Tampa in the 6th

Ann-Sophie Bettez: Tampa in the 7th

Mathieu Chouinard: Tampa in the 6th

Denis Casavant: Colorado in the 7th

Michel Bergeron: Tampa in the 6th

Marc-Andre Perreault: Colorado in the 6th

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