Rising fuel prices: goodbye petrol, hello subway and electric car

The recent explosion in gas prices is prompting Quebecers to turn to fuel-efficient vehicles or public transport to give their wallets some rest.

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After surpassing $2 a liter just under a month ago, the price of gasoline has surpassed $2.20 in the Montreal metro area in recent days.

For Véronic Lapalme, this gradual indexing was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” and motivated her to recently sell her Nissan to a dealership in order to travel only by public transport.

“I’ve been thinking about not having a car anymore. […] When I saw the price increase, I said to myself: “I’ll have to get rid of these soon,” said the girl, who is going back to school at the age of 39.

Mélanie Forest, who lives in Montreal’s Rosemont neighborhood, just took a similar turn.

Specifically, she decided to take the subway to work in the Saint-Henri sector, which saved her up to $125 in a week.

“I have three children and am a single mother. We try to save what we can,” emphasizes the 37-year-old, who wants to buy a more economical vehicle this summer.


Photo agency QMI, Toma Iczkovits

Now or never

According to several traders interviewed The newspaperthe current context would also boost demand for electric vehicles.

“Every time the price of gas goes up, so does the demand for electric,” explains Jeffrey Chiazza, sales manager at Nissan Gabriel in Saint-Léonard.

Chloé Marin Rousseau and her husband Mohamed Hassan decided to buy a hybrid BMW at the beginning of May.

“We’ve thought about it for years. […] When we saw the gas rising so high, we said to ourselves, “It’s now or never” [c’est maintenant ou jamais]’ says Mrs Marin Rousseau.

According to the stakeholders surveyed, motorists would have lost interest in more fuel-efficient cars during this period.

Expected increase

All in all, Quebecers will soon be facing even bigger bills.

“Unless there is a global economic crisis or we see a change in Vladimir Putin’s stance on Ukraine, I believe prices will remain rigid and continue to escalate,” said Dan McTeague, President of Canadians for Affordable Energy.

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