Rape over a cuckoo bed

It is so good, brain 2. It’s better than the first season, which, let’s remember, was very successful. It is a clever combination of thriller, psychological suspense and so-called classic medical series.

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It’s sprinkled with twisted David Fincher stuff with a squirt Flight over a cuckoo’s nest and several puffs of hilarity that allow the series to breathe and lower their anxiety levels.

On the menu of the first five episodes, which appear on Tou.TV’s Extra on Thursday: cut-out letters forming a menacing anagram, a dark web maniac manipulating an unstable man, kidnapping and murdering young women, and serious cases in the Practice of the psychiatrist Henri Lacombe (François Papineau).

Well, before we dissect the plot, a big reminder is needed. Because the continuation of cerebrum shows the tip of his nose three years after the release of the first chapter, in the summer of 2019. The pandemic and the retirement of protagonist Claude Legault, who is suffering from professional exhaustion, delayed the launch of this TV series-drama signed Richard Blaimert (Hubert and Fanny, New address) co-directed by Guy Édoin and Catherine Therrien.

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François Papineau takes on the lead role in the series that Claude Legault interpreted in the first season.

For those whose TV memory fades after two days (good evening!), here is the flash synopsis of part one cerebrum. The psychologist Anne Beaulieu (Évelyne de la Chenelière), wife of the renowned psychiatrist Henri Lacombe (Claude Legault), mysteriously disappeared and the investigation revealed that there was a shootout. And who shot Anne? His girlfriend – cheating wife – Sophie Bérubé-Lacroix (Jacynthe René). Anne slept with Sophie’s husband, Minister Richard Lacroix (Gabriel Sabourin), an adulterer who ruined the lives of Henri and his two grown children, William (Henri Picard) and Marine (Marianne Verville).

brain 2 begins anew about six months after these tragic events. The transition between Claude Legault and François Papineau, who replaces him in the leading role, takes place naturally without breaking.

After returning from a long healing journey in Japan, Henri Lacombe (François Papineau) a) takes control of his destiny and b) resumes his practice in the hospital.

But his charged past quickly catches up with him. Two young women have been kidnapped and then killed, and police officer Simone Vallier (Christine Beaulieu) arrests one of Dright Lacombe.

At the same time, the trial of the alleged murderer Sophie Bérubé-Lacroix (Jacynthe René) is staged, which brings back painful memories for the Lacombe family. Especially since William (Henri Picard) is now dating the daughter (Marguerite Bouchard) of Sophie (Jacynthe René), who killed her own mother (Évelyne de la Chenelière). Are you still there ? Cool.

Likewise, brain 2 At the center of the story is a former patient of Dright Lacombe, played by the talented Alexis Martin. do you remember him His name was Jules Côté and he was forcibly detained for five months. This lonely, alcoholic, and deranged man seems to be attracting trouble.

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Alexis Martin interprets the character of Jules Côté, a lonely and alcoholic man.

Micheline Lanctôt plays Jules’ mother, who can no longer swallow the lies of her sick son who has disappointed her for so long. This complex and highly dangerous mother-son relationship leads to very intense scenes.

Another important reminder before you start viewing brain 2 : Ludivine Reding and Antoine Desrochers played incestuous twins Laure and Toby in the first season. Pussy Ming Lee also returns on a softer note.

The first episode of brain 2 rolls fast and instantly reshapes the story. I adore canoe investigator Simone Vallier and her partner Danno Boulianne (Olivier Gervais-Courchesne), who form an unlikely but highly effective duo. Their fraternal pecking softens the darker moments cerebrum. You are perfect.

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in the brain 2Henri Lacombe’s son, William (Henri Picard), hangs out with Sara (Marguerite Bouchard), who is Sophie’s daughter… her mother’s killer.

Among the new characters is a young father (the excellent Frédéric Millaire-Zouvi) who suffers from tremendous post-traumatic shock linked to his unconventional and confidential work. A bodyguard (Éric Robidoux) is also embedded in the portrait and Frédéric Pierre slips into the skin of the shrink that Henri Lacombe consulted.

The last five episodes of brain 2 will land on Tou.TV’s Extra on Thursday 30th June. Those who do not subscribe to this paid service will see brain 2 on Radio-Canada in September, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. The Soap Opera 5e rank changes to the previous time slot from on Mondays at 8 p.mAnother story.

As Black episode, cerebrum takes place in the middle of winter, a season that nevertheless lasts six months and is rarely shown on Quebec television. It’s refreshing (LOL) to see those blizzard sequences and characters emitting clouds of condensation when they speak outside. Especially when the humidex is about to explode and our air conditioners are coughing like they’ve contracted COVID-19.

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