Quebec now has 132 cases of monkeypox, including 126 in Montreal

dr Luc Boileau, national director of public health, and Dr. Mylène Drouin, Montreal’s regional director of public health, had urged the media on Tuesday afternoon to take stock of the situation and what they believe well controlled.

The outbreak continues to disproportionately affect men who have sex with men, they said. As a matter of fact, %”,”text”:”100%”}}”>100% confirmed cases are from this community, said Dr. drouin.

So far, three people have had to be hospitalized due to symptoms of the disease. All of the latter have since been released.

People infected with the monkeypox strain that’s circulating in the West today generally recover within three weeks, said Dr. boileau.

Advanced Vaccination

So far, more than 3,000 people at risk have been vaccinated from a total of 40,000 doses provided by the federal government. But vaccination, which was previously reserved for close contacts of monkeypox cases and those who had activities that could endanger them will be expanded soon.

From now on it will be offered to everyone who plan to carry out such activities in the next few weeks in the summer. dr Drouin estimates that between 20,000 and 25,000 cans are needed for this.

For men planning to have sex with other men in Montreal—not necessarily with stable and unique partners, but really in the context of socialization, events, or sex work—we will urge this demographic to avoid vaccinations. »

A quote from dr Mylène Drouin, Regional Director of Public Health for Montreal

The monkeypox vaccine, she said, typically takes seven days to take effect.

dr Drouin also reminded that monkeypox is transmitted through prolonged intimate contact and not through simple droplets like COVID-19. Therefore, attending the many festivals organized in Montreal during the summer should not pose a risk of contamination, she estimated.

A international public health emergency?

The release comes as the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to declare a international public health emergencythe virus has been reported in 39 countries so far, including 32 where the disease is not endemic.

When questioned on the subject, Dr. Boileau, however, that he had not seen any contradiction between the reassuring news released Tuesday by Quebec Public Health and the more dramatic remarks by theWHO on the same day.

We know there is an increase in cases, we are seeing it in several European cities, he initially noted. Here we see it too, but it’s not a surge that’s skyrocketing, and that’s precisely because we acted […] that we believe we are able to contain this here in Quebec territory and in Montreal in particular.

Cases of monkeypox have also been recorded in Canada, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, but much fewer than in Quebec.

Canada is among the hardest hit countries in the world

Since last Friday is theWHO had counted 1772 cases worldwide, but without reporting any deaths related to the disease.

Canada was the fifth most affected country after the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

To fight the disease, the European Commission and the Danish laboratory Bavarian Nordic announced on Tuesday that they have signed an agreement to purchase more than 100,000 doses of monkeypox vaccines that have been detected in 19 Member States, as well as Norway and Iceland.

More details to come.

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