Public Orders | François Legault wants to give preference to minority groups

Quebec Premier François Legault wants to give more public contracts to underrepresented groups, including “women”. [et] Diversity” thanks to the establishment of certain criteria.

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Vincent Larin

Vincent Larin
The press

The leader of the Coalition avenir Québec spoke with members of the Quebec Business Women’s Network at the conference on Tuesday morning On the way to successat the Marriott Hotel in downtown Montreal.

When asked by a participant who wanted to know whether the Québec government could introduce criteria in its tenders to favor certain underrepresented groups, such as women or cultural minorities, François Legault stated that he was already considering this possibility.

« Sonya [LeBel, présidente du Conseil du trésor] already has that goal. On the other hand, she wants to be careful because it’s not legally clear,” he says.

In particular, the Autorité des marchés publics and interprovincial bidding regulations would prevent the Quebec government from giving preferential treatment to certain companies in awarding contracts.

Whether it’s about diversity, whether it’s about women, whether it’s simply supporting businesses in Quebec, we need to look at what we can legally do, but there’s nothing stopping us from saying, let’s aim for a certain percentage.

Francois Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

“What we do is betting amounts, that is [pour un contrat de] $100,000 or $500,000, can we make exceptions? We’ll take a look at that,” he continued.

The Prime Minister also said he supports the implementation of incentive measures to encourage women’s entrepreneurship, including specific labeling of products from companies run by women.

Soon a transactional blue basket

The chairman of the Coalition avenir Québec also took the opportunity to announce that he will announce that it will be possible to carry out transactions on Panier bleu’s premises.

Asked later if this platform could eventually compete with big transactional sites like Amazon, François Legault said that the Blue Basket should also include a delivery component.

“We’re going to start with Canada Post, but ultimately we need to develop that as well. But the idea with the Blue Basket is to help all businesses sell online and help Quebecers,” he explained.

Amazon is worried. Every country is worried about Amazon because I see when my boys are home it seems like boxes are coming in every week and it’s American products. So very big challenge.

Francois Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

Introduced by his government at the beginning of the pandemic to boost local shopping, the concept, which essentially allowed Quebec merchants and products to be listed, had been heavily criticized for not allowing consumers to transact directly on the site.

Almost nine months after its inception, in January 2021, non-profit organization (NPO) Le Panier bleu announced the launch of an online shopping platform in Quebec, bringing together all local retailers who wish to join it.

This marketplace should allow consumers to shop there in the fall of the same year. The project did not materialize.

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