Ottawa could lift vaccination requirements for travelers | Coronavirus

The vaccination requirement for travel has been in effect since October 30, 2021. Ottawa had allowed itself a transitional period until November 30 for the application of this measure.

The government has been under pressure from opposition parties and the travel industry for several weeks to relax some public health measures in response to delays and long queues at airports.

1ah On June 1, the Canadian tourism industry begged the federal government to lift the health measures useless at the borders. But the Prime Minister replied that the pandemic was not over and so on people die every day.

For its part, the Canadian Airports Council had requested that Ottawa extend the remaining sanitation measures at the border by April 15.

Every day counts. We have to save our summersaid Canadian Airports Council President Monette Pasher. It’s an urgent issue.

First, on Friday afternoon, Ottawa announced the temporary suspension of mandatory random testing for vaccinated people entering the country.

Those tests halted on Saturday but could resume on June 1ah July. They would then be carried out outside the airports, i.e. in a clinic or at home. Additionally, vaccinated travelers are no longer required to provide a sample upon arrival on Canadian soil.

Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra emphasized that the government recognizes this the impact that high wait times at some Canadian airports are having on travelers.

Earlier in the day, Pasher had vowed Ottawa’s decision to sit out random testing, calling it a big step to restore normal traffic in the airport terminals.

However, Ms Pasher stressed that further steps were needed to fully clear the runway.

She also said waiting times and tarmac arrival delays at major airports improved immediately after the measure went into effect on Saturday.

From 1ah In June, the country’s major airports handled an average of 56,000 incoming overseas passengers each day — more than half of them at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, where scenes of endless lines and frustrated travelers circulated in social media posts and messages for much of the world Spring.

According to forecasts by the Canadian Airports Council, the number of travelers will reach 80,000 in a few weeks.

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