Nick Suzuki hopes Cole Caufield will sign a long-term deal with the Canadian

Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield attended a charity event weekend to Montreal. Caufield will be leaving town for a few weeks after the Montreal Grand Prix while Suzuki will spend his summer in the 514. Or on the south bank, in the 450…

Some journalists were present during the event and did not hesitate to ask a few questions ice Hockey to the young duo from Montreal.

Suzuki and Caufield see each other very well alongside young Juraj Slafkovsky when it is he who Martin Lapointe and Nick Bobrov call the best player of the 2022 vintage.

A first trio of young people aged 18, 21 and 23? Here are you KNOWS that we’re rebuilding, hehe.

Well, Nick Suzuki said something else interesting last Saturday. The No. 14 (and future team captain?) wants Cole Caufield to manage the Habs long-term. Recall that Suzuki signed an eight-year ($7.875 million cap) deal with CH last October just before Jeff Gorton (and possibly Kent Hughes) replaced Marc Bergevn.

“There is no better place to play than Montreal. I hope that Cole will sign a long-term contract with us. – Nick Suzuki

The duo Suzuki-Caufield don’t want to be dismantled. Both children are past the end of the campaign and hope to be paired for several years. No, Caufield will never be sent back to Laval again!

First, it remains to find the perfect winger to complete them. Ideally, this winger is big, strong, and sturdy… and he knows how to play hockey. At the moment, Josh Anderson is filling a few boxes, but he’s not the perfect winger to complete the Nos. 14 and 22. Yurai Slafkovsky? Maybe…

SecondCaufield will play the final year of his entry-level contract in 2022-23 (salary of $832,500 in the NHL and $70,000 in the AHL, signing bonus of $92,500 and potential performance awards of $850,000).

The Canadian has to decide in the next 12 months whether to offer the small American attacker a bridging contract (two or three years) or a long-term contract (six, seven or eight years).

Suzuki is hoping for a long-term contract. If so, is Caufield getting paid more than Suzuki?

In order to sign Caufield for multiple seasons, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will need to find ways to free up dollars below the salary cap so they can extend Caufield’s contract. Very few major deals with the Canadian expire next summer.


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