John Gibson would be open to the idea of ​​being traded this summer

For much of his career, John Gibson was one of the most underrated goalies on the Bettman Tour. Between the 2013–14 and 2018–19 seasons, Gibson went 119-77-28 with a 2.42 clean sheet average and a .921 save percentage. During that span, only Ben Bishop and Carey Price (.922) had better save percentages than the Ducks goaltender.

However, the past three years have been more difficult for Gibson, who allows for 3.07 goals per game (average) and a .904 save percentage with 47-71-23. He still has good moments, but we’re a little frustrated with the piling up of losses.

However, we learn here today that Gibson would be open to the idea of ​​going public this summer. He would have informed the Ducks, but it doesn’t appear to be one inquiry the transaction for so much as noted by his agent.

The 28-year-old goalkeeper therefore seems keen on the idea of ​​continuing his career elsewhere. His reputation could no doubt work in his favor, but of course the last few tougher years mean Gibson isn’t exactly a safe bet.

Keep in mind that his contract ends in 2026-27 and he will earn $6.4 million a year. It’s also a factor that could play against him.

However, if it is actually available in the market I believe a team will try it. The Maple Leafs are quick to outperform, those who have been struggling on the net for a number of years and, with a little creativity, could find the space to incorporate it on their payroll.

However, Gibson can name 10 teams he doesn’t want to be traded with. Is the American goalkeeper interested in playing in Toronto? I have no idea.

The Oilers (who need to be even more creative than the Maple Leafs) are also an option for the same reasons, but the Canadian fact could also work against them.

If the Golden Knights get rid of Robin Lehner I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to get Gibson.

In short, multiple teams could be eyeing Gibson if he’s genuinely interested in the idea of ​​leaving Anaheim. Another name to keep an eye on.


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