In Laval, two houses on the same street were ransacked

Two houses on the same street where elderly people live were ransacked in the Chomedey district of Laval this weekend, adding to residents’ frustration amid numerous violent incidents.

The criminals reportedly struck on Favreau Street on Friday night.

After breaking down the backyard door of a house, they turned three bedrooms upside down without taking any valuables.

The couple, who have lived there for several decades, made the disturbing discovery upon returning from the chalet on Sunday.

“They were looking for something big, forward-looking, fatalistic, the owner who chose to keep his name a secret. This week it was here, next week on the other side [du quartier].”

In addition to two suspicious vehicles, a man and woman, believed to be under the age of 30, were also seen surveying the area just before midnight, according to a couple interviewed The newspaper.

Scattered Ashes

Rogues would have broken in too, 100 yards away, still on rue Favreau.

This time, they not only dared to search the premises, but also scattered the ashes of the owner’s husband, who was out camping at the time of the incident.

“It’s sacrilege,” she said. Overcome with emotion, the seventy-year-old refused to speak to him The newspaper.

It is still too early to know if the two events are linked, said Laval police spokeswoman Stéphanie Beshara.


These crimes come as no surprise to many Favreau Street residents, who have been angered by the rise in criminal activity in recent years.

“Almost all the houses here have been robbed,” complains Max, a 30-year-old, pointing to the neighboring apartments.

Added to this are the shootings, which continue to sow terror.

Less than a kilometer away, on Boulevard Curé-Labelle near Boulevard Le Carrefour, a 14-year-old was shot dead last May while returning from a party.

“It’s getting worse every day,” says Maddie Kutlu, who is considering moving in a few months.

“I need surveillance cameras and an alarm system,” resigned another resident.

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