Hundreds of animals are looking for a family

The moving time is getting closer and every year this time is also synonymous with the abandonment of animals.

Nearly 300 hairballs are looking for a forever family at the Mauricie Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA).

Although 1,000 animals have already been adopted since the beginning of the year, adoptive families are becoming increasingly rare.

“At the level of animal entries, it’s essentially the same. It is really at the level of the families who are moving to come and adopt that we are feeling a little slowdown, ”explained the Deputy Director General of the SPA Mauricie, Sarah-Lise Hamel.

In view of the relocations, as every year, further arrivals to the refuge can be expected in the same period.

Fortunately, the phenomenon has tended to decrease in recent years.

“We want people to adopt responsibly, but also leave responsibly. So of course not leaving the animals outside if we have to leave them or leaving them alone in our accommodation. Of course it is to be avoided,” Herr Hamelin.

If lost, an identification tag or microchip enables almost 100% of animals to find their homes.

If there is a shortage of adoptive families, temporary foster families are an option.

The guest family program at the SPA Mauricie has been expanded for three months. It is now possible to send adult cats to volunteer families to free up more space for the shelter.

From kittens that need to be raised in a safe environment to adult cats that need special care, these families make it possible to rehabilitate cats that can be adopted more quickly.

Such is the case of Kathleen Bellerive who has been a foster family for 8 months.

“Once I saw the problem of cat overpopulation, I said, ‘I can’t close my eyes anymore, I have to intervene, I have to help’. I will make a little space for them, I will work with the kittens according to their ages, there are different stages, different needs, so I will make sure all their needs are met. said mrsme Bellerive.

To become a foster family for a kitten or adult cat, an online form is available on the SPA Mauricie website. In the case of adoptions, appointments are necessary in order to be able to get to know the desired animal. The residents are featured on the website.

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