Grouping in the hospitality industry in Quebec

The Restos Plaisirs group, which owns, among other things, Le Cochon Dingue branches in Quebec City, intends to accelerate its development in the Montreal region thanks to the partnership it has entered into with the Grandio group.

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Groupe Sportscene, owner of La Cage, announced on Tuesday that it is becoming Groupe Grandio. It brings together several players from the hospitality industry in Quebec. The Restos Plaisirs group is part of it, as is Stéphane Riopel (Chez Lionel and IRU Izakaya) and Rémy Couture from Crémy Pâtisserie.

For Pierre Moreau, President and CEO of Restos Plaisirs, it is a group of restaurateurs joining forces.

“At Restos Plaisirs we maintain our independence. Our management team will remain in place. This will not change anything for our employees, but we will benefit from synergies and leverage to accelerate the development of all our brands,” explained Mr. Moreau.

“My employees and I will become shareholders of the Grandio Group. Restos Plaisirs Group now becomes part of Grandio Group. I will continue to be involved in Restos Plaisirs Group as I will be involved in Grandio Group,” he said.

Every player has the same vision, he says, which is to develop brands, keep them in Quebec and encourage Quebec-based suppliers.

At Restos Plaisirs, the project to open offices in Montreal has been part of the planning for several years.

“We will make up for the three lost years [à cause de la pandémie] and with the skills of my partners, their knowledge of the Montreal market and their knowledge of landlords, it will be easier for us to identify locations and begin planning our expansion, primarily in Le Cochon Dingue in the greater Montreal area,” said Mr. Moreau.

After the pandemic, this restaurateur believes that Restos Plaisirs Group had no choice but to rethink its business model to ensure its sustainability.

“We got through the pandemic because we are a solid group with a good structure. We had money in the bank account to help us with that. But I quickly realized that if I had been taller, it would have been even easier, especially getting out of the pandemic.

The first Cochon Dingue in Montreal could open before the end of 2023.

The Grandio Group is already at the helm of La Cage – Brasserie sportive et Moishes, whose main shareholders include the businessman Jean Bédard and the Champlain Financial Corporation.

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