[EN IMAGES] Landslide in Saguenay: the evacuation perimeter could expand

The number of houses to be evacuated in the La Baie district could increase to more than 21 houses the day after the large landslide that tore away a house at the bottom of a cliff.

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On April 26, the authorities of the La Baie district in Saguenay had started evacuating five homes – specifically on April 8e Avenue – after a major crack reported by a citizen.

“We had obtained the expertise of the environment, namely the interventions that need to be made to secure the site and allow residents to find their homes. But here I admit that the dates have changed this morning,” says District President Raynald Simard.

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Mr Simard points out that the mudslides “which we didn’t anticipate” are a turning point and all the work needs to be done again.

“Everything has to be re-validated, he drops. We are examining whether the security perimeter should be expanded.

Listen to Benoît Dutrizac’s interview with Julie Dufour, Mayor of Saguenay, on QUB Radio:

rain in the dock

The bay received significant amounts of rain in the middle of the day on Monday. The district president suspects that they may have been linked to the 8th September disastere ave

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“There are many places where creeks have overflowed, calvettes have clogged, many basements have flooded and country roads have been damaged,” continues Mr. Simard.

In the morning, the affected citizens are met to take stock with them. The Department of Transport must also decide this afternoon whether to expand the perimeter of the home being evacuated.

The other streets affected by possible evacuations are 9th Avenue, Avenue du Par and Rue de la Terrasse-Bellevue.

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More showers are expected in La Baie in the coming days, leaving the district authorities concerned.

“There are several sectors that are at risk, but not as dramatically,” notes Mr Simard.

He explains that the district’s topography is on uneven terrain.

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However, the sites have been analyzed every year since the 1996 flood, which makes it possible to take appropriate measures to prevent disasters.

Mr Simard is also satisfied with the measures taken a few weeks ago on the site affected by the landslide. Homes had been evacuated and concrete blocks – installed at Easter – did the job of holding back the flow.

“See, this morning we didn’t hurt or kill anyone,” he rejoices. The worst was prevented”.

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At the moment it is too early to say how the victims can claim an amount for the disaster.

In particular, during the 2019 Beauce floods, Minister of Public Safety Geneviève Guilbault traveled there and announced a new compensation program for the victims. She did not address the eligibility of affected residents.

“There are financial aid programs, but we must first check whether they apply in this case or whether the damage is insurable,” said Minister Geneviève Guilbeault, who has no intention of going there.

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