Covid: unprecedented spike in child hospitalizations in spring, ‘traditional’ respiratory viruses spiraling out of control, American doctors warn

Since May, doctors at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital in Connecticut have observed a sharp increase in admissions for this time of year. Young patients with a surprising variety of respiratory diseases.

According to the doctors who have alerted the country’s health authorities, several respiratory diseases detected in patients suggest that Covid has disrupted the circulation of viruses.currents’, which makes health surveillance very complicated for doctors.

According to hospital services, adenoviruses and rhinoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and human metapneumovirus, influenza or even human parainfluenza viruses are diseases that are experiencing an extraordinary and previously unobserved outbreak. To these conditions is added Covid-19, which would be the origin of this deregulation of respiratory diseases in children.

“It’s not common for these diseases to appear at this time of year, these diseases don’t circulate in May and June.”Thomas Murray, an infectious disease physician and associate professor of pediatrics at Yale Hospital, told the Washington Post. “Some hospitalized children have been co-infected with two viruses and a few with three viruses“, he added.

According to the first findings of the doctors, however, the known viruses now appear to be acting uncontrollably more than two years after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. With unexpected reactions and spreads. For example, respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV for short, was generally restricted to typical winter diseases. The situation has now changed.

Another example: rhinoviruses are now among the diseases that require more frequent hospitalizations. A new phenomenon that has appeared with the coronavirus. Influenza, which also generally occurs in winter, was completely overshadowed this winter by cases of the Omicron variant from January.

The Covid virus has therefore not been without consequences for other diseases in the past.banal and above all the traditional ones of winter, which are now becoming pathologically more difficult”warn the doctors of this children’s hospital.

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