Child died in overheated vehicle: “Negligence”, denounces the mother

Anaïs Perlot lost her baby Cassius after being left in the car by his father on a very hot day in Griffintown on June 22, 2018.

The man had told investigators he was convinced he had left his child at the William Street daycare that morning.

When he showed up to pick up his baby in the late afternoon, staff told him the baby hadn’t been there all day.

A few moments later, the story came to a sad end with the discovery of the small lifeless body on board the SUV.

After a six-week investigation, the six-month-old’s father was never charged.

Authorities had concluded it was an accident, but Ms Perlot believes it was negligence.

“It’s negligence, negligence. I hear the forgetting, I hear the explanation, but I don’t think that today as a society, as responsible parents, we can tell ourselves that it’s an accident… It opens the doorways to so many situations that can be dramatic. The smaller they are, the more they are likely to be at risk and it is our duty to remedy the situation,” Ms Perlot pleads.

She intends to file a private lawsuit against her ex-husband with the DPCP.

“If we can know if we have forgotten our phone, our keys, when we are responsible for a child, we also have to make sure ourselves that we are fit and capable,” she emphasizes.

There was no safety net to prevent the incident that took little Cassius.

“There were deficiencies on all levels, even on the father’s level, and I was not contacted by the daycare center to say, ‘Your son is not here today’. Schools have to find out about this, but day-care centers don’t. That’s a problem for me. There are different things you could do,” believes the grieving mother.

Installing a warning device in cots would save lives, technologies that already exist but are not mandatory.

Italy was the first country to introduce such a device, making it possible to report whether or not the child is present in their seat.

Every year since the incident, Anaïs Perlot throws back terrible memories with the arrival of summer. The simple fact of driving around in a parking lot makes them extremely alert, hearing stories of children dying due to adult inattention is particularly touching.

“I’m afraid it could happen again.”

She finally regrets that no one from the Crown has contacted him to explain the conclusions of the investigation.

“When this investigation was classified as an accident I was not contacted, the Crown did not explain why […] We must challenge the authorities over the lack of legal support and lack of transparency that prevents a parent from fully grieving and telling themselves it was indeed an accident,” she laments.

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