Canadian GP: exorbitant prices on resale sites

The Canadian Grand Prix, which has been sidelined for two years due to the pandemic, could well see a record attendance this weekend.

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With the race already announced to be sold out, fans who do not currently have tickets in their possession will have to pay a hefty price if they want access to the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit.

And the only way to join the event is by resorting to resale sites that have sniffed out a good deal. For example, a single ticket for the main grandstand (1) for the three days could cost between $1,113 and $4,600, according to the website consulted by The newspaper.

The better your seat is in the upper rows for a better view of the track, the higher the price.

Initially, you had to pay $595 for the same ticket sold by the Canadian Grand Prix.

This situation applies to all stands installed on the site. Grandstand 11, identified by Canadian driver Nicholas Latifi, is certainly one of the best placed on the circuit, but also one of the most expensive.

Depending on your location, it will cost you between $1092 and $2883 for a three-day ticket. Originally the same ticket sold for $470.

Two more grandstands

To meet the exceptionally high demand, two stands (16 and 32) have been added, while others have been expanded in capacity. It is therefore expected that a total of almost 350,000 people (unheard of) will take part in the three days of competition on the Île Notre-Dame.

Last time I heard there were only a few standing room tickets (no reserved seats) left for Friday. Yesterday there were still a few seats left in grandstand 47, the only one with day tickets.

It should be mentioned that the prices have not increased since 2020, when the event was supposed to be presented before it was canceled for the first time.

40 years ago

Forty years later, we can see that it obviously costs a lot more to watch F1 races in Montreal, but it’s still more affordable than most other destinations, including Miami, which presented its inaugural event last month.

In 1982, for example, it cost $75 to occupy the grandstand (C) in front of the pits for three days. Today we had to pay $595 for the same reserved seat.


Remember that at that time the start/finish line and pits were at the exit of the hairpin on the east side of the track.

Photo archive, Chantal Poirier

Grandstands A and B, now called “15” and “Lance Stroll,” went from $75 to $445.

Free on Friday

Just 40 years ago, the public was invited to visit the site free of charge on Fridays.

General ticket prices for Saturday and Sunday have been fixed at $12 and $15, respectively.

Today it costs $65 on Friday, $95 on Saturday and $130 on Sunday.

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