Apple and WhatsApp now make it easy to transfer your data from Android to iOS

The Cupertino giant has partnered with WhatsApp owner Meta to make life easier for instant messaging users looking to migrate from Android to iOS. You can find all your data there, or almost, without having to rack your brains.

Goodbye Android, hello iOS? A little song that sticks in your head? Good news for you, Apple announces today that it is taking a new step and correcting a lack of size!

The Cupertino giant has teamed up with Meta to ease the transition of WhatsApp data from Android to iOS, which says a lot about the weight of instant messaging, by the way. Of course, this migration is always done within the application Migrate to iOSavailable free for android.

Now the app allows it too Switch to recover all WhatsApp data except payment information, call history and the name that appears in the user’s profile. Everything else should be there, pictures, messages, etc. as long as the target iPhone is running iOS 15.5 and above…

It is important to note that the recovered data does not go through Apple’s servers, which do not have access to it. Backup to iCloud is also not enabled by default. It is up to each user to make this choice depending on the amount of storage space they have in the cloud.

Of course, for this migration to work, it is necessary that you keep the same phone number, as it will identify you in WhatsApp.


A little catching up to do…

If the love-hate relationship between Apple and Meta doesn’t end, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is on the verge of rebalancing its offering. Facebook’s parent company has been allowing WhatsApp data migration from iOS to Android since last year.

Furthermore, the founder of Facebook said nothing more in a short message published on his official site:

“We’re adding the ability for WhatsApp to securely switch phones and transfer your chat history, photos, videos and voicemails between Android and iPhone while maintaining end-to-end encryption. This is a highly requested feature. We introduced the ability to migrate from iPhone to Android last year, and now we’re adding Android to iPhone migration as well.”he wrote.

This new feature will initially be available as a beta. The rollout starts at 3 p.m. today, but should take about a week before it’s available to all users, according to Meta.

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