Accused of assault in the United States: a fake fugitive flees justice… via Roxham Road

An American resident who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenager hid in Quebec for four years after managing to flee the United States by crossing Roxham Road, where he posed as a fugitive.

“He was able to enter Canada without his passport, which he was required to produce in the Georgia state court where he is charged,” a US attorney’s request for extradition of Uchenna Ebigbo said.

Ebigbo, 37, has lived in Saint-Hubert on Montreal’s south coast since 2018. Well established in a residential area, he awaited his refugee status.

Except that he was wanted in the United States for sexual contact he allegedly committed in the state of Georgia in 2017.

sexual contacts

At that time he would have invited himself to a 14-year-old girl. Taking advantage of the mother’s absence, he allegedly touched the victim, who repeatedly tried to push him away. Ebigbo even pushed the note to ask him to take a picture together.

The teenager eventually agreed to hug the accused in hopes he would leave afterward. It worked because Ebigbo left. The victim then called his mother, who immediately called the police.

Ebigbo was eventually arrested on charges including sexual assault. Barely released on bail, however, he fled to Quebec via Roxham Road. After his passport was confiscated by the court, he applied for asylum, posing as a refugee.

“Border services conditionally released him,” according to court documents filed at the Montreal courthouse.

Ebigbo’s asylum application was rejected in 2020, but he appealed. The American authorities have now found him.

repatriate him

They now want to take him back to the United States as soon as possible because, since he has Nigerian citizenship, he faces deportation to that African country, which has no extradition treaty with the United States.

“If his appeal request [de réfugié au Canada] If rejected, Ebigbo would risk leaving again, the American documents show. If he flees to Nigeria, there is little chance that he will be extradited to the United States to stand trial. »

Ebigbo will return to the Montreal court for his extradition hearing at a later date. He was conditionally released pending further proceedings.

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