35% of Android smartphones will soon be at the mercy of hackers

35% of Android smartphones will soon run out of security patches. Without these patches, phones are vulnerable to hacks. Many devices cannot install a newer version of the Google operating system.

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Bitdefender, the famous antivirus, has just released a report on Android smartphone security. The company’s IT security experts point the finger at it Android distribution. “Android devices take up about 70% of the market, but many of these devices pose a security risk because Google no longer supports them.”explains Bitdefender.

Many phones are still running years-old versions of Android. These old versions are without security patches gateways preferred by pirates. Far too many consumers overlook the importance of patches and continue to use a vulnerable device years after it’s been declared obsolete by the manufacturer, the report laments.

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20% of Android smartphones are already vulnerable

“We can still find devices running versions of Android that were released a decade ago, and they’re much more widespread than you might think.”, assures Bitdefender. To prove its claims, the company examined smartphones using the Bitdefender app. As expected, there are a multitude of devices that have not been updated to Android 12 or Android 11.

In detail, Android 12 represents 36.47% of smartphones considered in the study. For its part, Android 11 is installed on 29.15% of devices. Note that Android 10 still powers 15.03% of phones. As Bitdefender points out, this version of Android will no longer be supported by Google from September 2022 when Android 13 will be deployed in the final and stable version.

In fact, 35% of Android smartphones in circulation worldwide will no longer have security patches, opening the door to hackers. Without counting Android 10, we realize that 20% of devices are already vulnerable. Bitdefender recommends “When buying a new device, note the support period”. The company advises avoiding phones with insufficient software support.

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