Trump spread his “lies” about the 2020 election despite warnings from his advisers

His attorney general, a slew of advisers, and even his own daughter… a House committee on Monday provided a troubling timeline of how Donald Trump attempted to stay in power after his 2020 loss as president by claiming the election was “stolen.” “been” by him, despite repeated denials from his closest supporters.

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“Even before the election, Mr. Trump had decided that if he lost the election, regardless of facts and truth, he would claim that he rigged the election,” said Zoe Lofgren, a Democratic member-elect of that group, who shed light on it Wants to hold the Republican billionaire responsible for his supporters’ attack on the United States Congress on January 6, 2021.

After nearly a year of investigation, the commission on Monday took a careful stock of the former president’s maneuvers between presidential election night and the attack on Capitol Hill.

A few hours after the polls closed on November 3, 2020, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck and neck. “It became apparent that the election would not be decided that night,” Ivanka Trump, the former president’s daughter and then one of his closest advisers, said in testimony released Monday by the commission.

But shortly before 2:30 a.m., Donald Trump emerged from the living room of the White House in front of the American television. “To be honest, we won the election,” he says, despite the current count.

“It was far too early to make such a decision,” Donald Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien told this group of elected officials.

One of the only ones who encouraged the President in his actions that evening? His personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who was “obviously intoxicated,” according to a presidential aide testifying before the commission.

On November 7, 2020, just before 11:30 a.m., Joe Biden was declared the winner. On the same day, Donald Trump’s campaign manager attended a meeting with the outgoing president. “We told him what we thought was his chance of winning at that point (…) that there was maybe a 5 or 10 percent chance,” explains Bill Stepien.

The President “was getting angrier,” says Mr Stepien. The leader decides to change his teams to surround himself with people who will support him in his crusade.

On November 19th, this new legal team held an extremely confusing press conference. Sidney Powell, one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, has accused Venezuela, Cuba and the Democrats of plotting an election.

At his side, Rudy Giuliani denounces “a scandalous iron curtain of censorship.” Under the heat of the headlights, a brown liquid, hair dye, begins to drip down her temples.

Four days later, Attorney General Bill Barr visited the White House. “It was a bit embarrassing,” says the minister in a video broadcast by the commission on Monday.

On several occasions, he said, the two men worked together to investigate allegations of voter fraud brought forward by Donald Trump. “Nonsense,” said the justice minister.

“It demoralized me because I said to myself + it’s crazy, if he really believes all this it’s because he’s really detached from reality +” assured Bill Barr, who will step down on December 14.

In the coming month, Donald Trump and his entourage will continue to spread “those lies” about voter fraud to raise funds, the commission argued. Her campaign team inundates her supporters with dozens of emails a day, raising $250 million between Election Day and Jan. 6, 2021, she revealed.

“The big lie was also a big fraud,” berated Zoe Lofgren, known for helping to impeach three presidents before Congress: Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton… and Donald Trump.

In four hearings over the coming days, the so-called “January 6” commission will present its conclusions on its year of investigation, placing the former White House tenant at the center of “an attempted coup d’état”.

Key contributor Donald Trump again denounced the work of this commission on Monday, calling it a “witch hunt” that he says “shames America.”

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