the “uninhibited” podcast about MS

“Living with Multiple Sclerosis?” is the title of a new podcast from Novartis, handing the mic over to 6 multiple sclerosis patients and healthcare professionals. A series to be found on the main listening platforms.

Their names are Charlotte, Emilie, Anouk, Alexandre, Rose-Marline or Cécile. They work in the hotel industry, travel around the world or play sports intensively. Behind this hectic everyday life, everyone shares a different reality that ” a life of sclerosis “. They tell their MS in this eponymous podcast, launched on May 5, 2022, on the occasion of the month of awareness of the disease, at the initiative of the pharmaceutical company Novartis in partnership with three French associations *. This project started with an observation: the deficiency of information for patients who have just found out about the diagnosis. This is the case of Emilie, guest of the second episode: ” I didn’t know much about the disease. When the diagnosis is made, it’s like a slap against a wall, a wall in the face “. In addition to a series of video content entitled ” Knowing my illness means taking back power over my life », Novartis wanted to develop this audio format” to go further and allow patients to become actors in their disease “.

6 podcast episodes

The podcast is available on the main listening platforms (Apple podcasts, Spotify, Deezer) and covers various topics in six ” unrestrained testimonies » of about thirty minutes: the medical hike, the announcement of the diagnosis, the various symptoms, the impact on daily life, the fears and the “blues”, but also the appetite for life, as Anouk explains to her third guest: “ It is thanks to the illness that I am doing all this today “. Each story is then completed with the insight of a health professional (neurologist, psychologist, nurse, doctor, social worker, etc.). Objective: To understand the contours of this autoimmune disease that causes motor disorders as well as sensory, visual-cognitive or even sphincter disorders (Article in the link below). This podcast series is aimed both at affected patients and at all interested members of the public who would like to learn more about this invisible disability. A medium that is anything but wrong!

* French Multiple Sclerosis Association (AFSEP), French League Against Multiple Sclerosis (LFSEP) and Our Sclerosis Association.

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