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Eric Le Francois

Eric Le Francois
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Bad idea

Since electric vehicles are almost non-existent, would it be possible to buy one in the United States and bring it back here to Canada?

Lisa C

You should know that the vehicle shortage is also affecting American consumers…you won’t have any better luck there than here. And in the event that you have access to such a vehicle, you must verify with the manufacturer (the latter risks not honoring its warranty) and with the authorities that this vehicle can cross the border and, where necessary, comply with the Canadian motor vehicle safety standards (CMVSS). To give you an idea of ​​the complexity of this process, we invite you to consult the Registrar of Imported Vehicles website. Note that the process of importing a used car that is over 15 years old is much simpler.

One step ahead


Nissan Ariya

I am currently renting a 2019 Nissan Leaf with a 42kW battery that expires in August 2024. I love him except for one thing: his autonomy. I would like to be able to make the Laval-Quebec trip in winter without charging the car. What vehicles do you suggest and when should I start buying them given current demand?

Sophia M

Good idea to think about today. The problem is knowing which model to propose given the rapid advances in technology. If you like your current Nissan, you might also like the manufacturer’s upcoming product: the Ariya. This model, which will be launched in autumn, promises a range of around 480 km in its most efficient configuration. As with all electric vehicles, this may improve over the months and years. You should also consider a vehicle like the Mustang Mach-E, the Volkswagen ID.4, the Ioniq 5, or its equivalent, the EV6 from Kia (it doesn’t cost anything to try them).

Wired or wireless?


Toyota Corolla Hybrid

I own a 2013 Camry XLE Hybrid with 95,000km in excellent condition. I am very happy with it. I’m thinking of changing it to a plug-in hybrid sedan, if possible with all-wheel drive. I’m retired, mostly driving short trips and for the occasional long trip I like a petrol engine so I don’t have to worry about charging a battery. Since all wheel drive is not offered for the Camry, is there a comparable vehicle?

peter c

You might think of a hybrid four-wheel drive Corolla! This will be offered from autumn. It occupies about the same space on the road as your current Camry. You mention a plug-in hybrid, but then you say you don’t like “managing battery charges”. You have to do it with a plug-in hybrid, you know, or you’re not going to get any benefit from that technology. Note that the Corolla Hybrid cannot be plugged in like your current Camry.

2 for 1


BMW i4

My wife and I have two cars: a 2017 Nissan Qashqai (90,000 km) and a BMW X3 xDrive30i (43,000 km). We’re looking to sell one to buy a new all-electric car which we’d like to have as soon as possible. Are there still government-subsidized electric cars with a range of around 400 km that are available on the market? If yes why ? And which of our two vehicles should we sell or exchange?

michael v

” As soon as possible. That is the whole problem with your request. The waiting time promises to be long in some cases and we advise you to check with your dealer. Several vehicles with a claimed range of more than 400 km (BMW i4 , Chevrolet Bolt, Ioniq 5, Volkswagen ID.4 etc.) are eligible for government discounts. We invite you to consult the Government of Canada and Government of Quebec websites. You do not specify the year of manufacture of your BMW, but we assume it In such a case, we recommend that you sell this vehicle (preferably yourself).

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