Lawsuit against Johnny Depp | Amber Heard denounces “hate and hatred” online

(Los Angeles) Amber Heard on Monday denounced “the hate and malice” she was the target of taking to social media during her recent trial of Johnny Depp, but affirmed she was not blaming the jury for wronging her ex-husband gave.

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After a six-week trial, the seven jurors of the Fairfax, U.S., court concluded Janah June that the ex-spouses had defamed each other in the press. But they have awarded the star more than $10 million. Pirates of the Caribbeanagainst only 2 million for itAquaman.

The high-profile trial, which was broadcast live on TV, exposed the two Hollywood stars’ lackluster personal lives and sparked a spate of abusive messages directed at the 36-year-old actress on social media.

“I think normal people don’t know about ‘this slander campaign,’ and I don’t take it personally,” she said in an interview on NBC, her first since the trial.

“But even someone who is sure I deserve that hatred and that sting, even if they think I’m lying, they can’t look me in the eye and tell me they think the treatment on social media is fair “, added her .

Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife for defamation, who described herself in one of the columns published Washington Post in 2018 as “a public figure representing domestic violence” without naming her ex-husband.

He is seeking $50 million in damages, saying the platform destroyed his career and reputation. Amber Heard countered and asked for the double.

According to her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, the actress will appeal the verdict.

In excerpts from the interview, which will air in full on Friday, Amber Heard claims she did not “personally” make the judges’ decision.

“How could they come to a decision, how could they not come to that conclusion? She wondered.

“They sat and listened for three weeks to relentless testimonies from employees (from Johnny Depp) and towards the end from random people,” she said.

“I don’t blame them, actually I get that he’s a beloved character that people think they know, he’s an amazing actor,” said Amber Heard.

When the journalist suggested to her that the jury should disregard these elements, she replied: “After three weeks of hearing that I was not credible, how could they believe a word that came out of my mouth? “.

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