IRN (2-1): The grades of the Greens

In a completely new constellation, the national team defeated Iran for that third and final game of the international break in June 2022. When Algeria wins, they have learned a lot.

Yes, it is possible to try hard and play well… while achieving the victory that every competitor desires. Djamel Belmadi took that bet by picking an all-new eleven for the friendly where his team faced 2022 World Cup-qualified Iran and an opponent known for the quality of their defence.

In a fairly classic 4-3-3, the Greens coach opted for many strong decisions. Eight out of eleven owners have less than ten selections (!) and three of them (Mandréa, Zedadka and Kadri) even know their very first cape.

However, the Greens’ game was licked and exciting. Of course, not everything was perfect, but the combinations offered, the movements, the game in the handover and the numerous defensive interventions are just as many promising axes for the future. We had fun and want more!

Anton Mandrea (6): In his very first Algerian outing, Mandréa wasn’t perfect, especially in his movements, but he was alert and even decisive after a Bedrane error. For checking!

Akim Zedadka (6): He has been much persecuted as his case has been controversial in recent months and he will not have been spared any reproach. When he wasn’t making a big mistake, Zedadka didn’t shine either and was mostly content with defending well. A solid premiere, then, but discreet.

Mohamed Amine Tougai (7.5): What a game for the ES Tunis player! Solid, fast, well placed, he fended off countless Iranian attacks. In line with his good performances in the Arab Cup, Tougaï is gaining a little more foothold in the national team.

Abdelkader Bedrane (6): The boss behind it was him. However, he will have experienced some wrong turns, most notably with a failed clearance that forced Mandréa to intervene, but as always, Bedrane was reliable. Replaced by Janis Hamache at 61′, now a senior international but not given the opportunity to stand out.

Ahmed Touba (7.5): He, too, is the big rise of the moment and is slowly but surely beginning to become indispensable at Green. Substituted on the left, Touba was very diligent defensively, won many header duels, but was also technically flawless. Whether in the axis or on one side, it is clearly installed.

Ishmael Bennacer (7.5): Captain of the day (and evening), Bennacer was very, very dominant in midfield. Quite simply: all Algerian offensives passed through him. The holidays are well deserved for the Italian champion!

Adam Zorgan (6): He’s still pretty hard to pin down as he can make a few blunders and then pull off a high class gesture, but the fact remains that Zorgane has the ability to see the game very useful for Algeria. Substituted at halftime by Ramiz Zerrouki (6.5), who cemented the gaps left by Zorgane while attempting to bring danger offensively.

Abdelkahar Kadri (6.5): What a premiere! Technically licked, Kadri will have experienced some errors inevitable for a newcomer in the green jersey, but he will also have been unstoppable through his bids, counter-bids and attempted combinations. Replaced at 61′ by Adam Ouna, explosive and swirling as always with Algeria. It’s time to find a club for Mr. Ounas to thrive in!

Rachid Ghezzal (6): Ghezzal is clumsy at times but still has a very interesting perspective that could make him a playmaker. He should have scored a penalty after half an hour Billel Omrani at 71′, the former Marseille player had a chance to score but was also appreciated by his defensive return late in the game.

Billal Brahimi (6): His first tenure in EN was his least accomplished achievement. After two interesting starts in the game, Brahimi will have suffered physically while being clumsy at times. However, he also offered a lot and contributed to the defensive retreat. Replaced by Youcef Belailiwho walked in without thinking and stood behind Amoura’s gate.

Ryad Benajad (7): Here is Benayad’s first goal! Not really number 9, the duty attacker capitalizes on an Iranian mistake and is rewarded for his many calls with a goal that allows Algeria to return to the break ahead of the points lead. He is replaced at 66′ by Mohamed Amine Amourastill scorer (2 goals in 3 games) and allowing Algeria to win this meeting.

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