Ikea enters the world of vinyl with the Obegränsad turntable

Sound and furniture have never been so symbiotic at Ikea. After starting a row connected speakers (and discreet) The brand, which has enjoyed great success under the Sonos aegis, is trying to diversify into more original universes such as the vinyl turntable. Its first model of its kind, the Obegränsad, aims to help further democratize what has definitely never been so fashionable.

vinyl block

All the details of this turntable are not yet known, but the Obegränsad seems to be a rather simple model without being showmanship. This turntable was in fact created in collaboration with the Swedish House Mafia group, who obviously don’t want to associate their name with a model that is too cheap. The device isn’t the most compact, as it looks like a particularly thick cuboid with very simple lines. Of course, the design is… really Scandinavian. Note that the overflowing tray shows that the Obegränsad still intends to take up a minimum of space on a piece of furniture.

The only available images of the turntable show a black product, but it’s not impossible to see a white version one day.

The technique? half secret

On the other hand, Ikea isn’t drowning us in details about the more technical parts just yet. For example, the materials used for the frame or the plate are not specified. However, the sign indicates that the whole has undergone an anti-vibration treatment. except surprise The rotation takes place via a belt drive. The power supply of the device is quite original and practical, since it is based on a simple USB-C input. It will likely need more than 5W to power the turntable, but a reasonably powerful charger should do the trick.

ikea player

To offer a start of automation, the turntable has a switch to control the speed of rotation at 33 or 45 rpm. However, the tonearm, in J (shape), allows for cartridge changing. At this level we’re pretty reassured as the Obegränsad will come standard with an Audio-Technica cell. If I’m not mistaken, the first pictures seem to clearly indicate that this is an AT3600L, a great classic among affordable references. This cell is certainly not high-end, but it is of very good quality. A classic lever raises and lowers the arm. Small peculiarity, but very common with entry-level turntables: There is obviously no counterweight or anti-skating setting, which makes changing the cartridge a little less interesting.

No eccentricity at the output level, as the Obegränsad is limited to a classic duo of RCA jacks. Luckily, Ikea included a phono preamp here. Most potential users are not black cake fanatics, it is necessary to go to the most practical.

The Ikea Obegränsad turntable is planned for autumn 2022; The price has not yet been announced. It’s difficult to say anything on this point, although we’d be quite surprised to see a higher price tag 200 euros.

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